First Kill Season 2
Two girls from opposing families begin to build a relationship, but the parents and the whole world oppose such an alliance. Calliope comes from a powerful clan of
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
The Orville Season 4
The spaceship plows the expanses of the universe until a new captain appears on board. Ed Mercer had been preparing to lead the crew for many years, and
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
Evil Season 4
For many years, Kristen Bouchard has been mountain climbing with her husband. But the years went by, the girl realized that it was time to have children, and
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
Only Murders in the Building Season 3
Mysterious murders are always interesting, and when an ulterior motive is hidden behind them, it’s just a dream of any fan of crime stories. Oliver, Mabel and Charles
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
Becoming Elizabeth Season 2
After the death of Henry VIII, the moment came for the selection of a new king. According to the will, until the moment of majority of his 9-year-old
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
Queer As Folk Season 2
TV series “Queer As Folk” tells about the fate of several people with non-traditional sexual orientation. They were just good comrades until the moment when a negative-minded man
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
Ms. Marvel Season 2
  Kamala Khan, unlike her parents, never felt drawn to religion. Mother and father urged the girl not to forget about Pakistani roots, even if their family had
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
Tomodachi Game / Friends Game Season 2
A friend is considered such until the moment he betrays. Anime “Tomodachi Game” makes the viewer look deep into a person and, above all, into himself, and see
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
P-Valley Season 3
And once again the TV show “P-Valley” pleases the audience with new episodes! The plot, which was originally based on the script for Katori Hall’s play “Pussy Valley”,
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
Irma Vep Season 2
Mira, a rising movie star, gets a role in the French silent film serial “Les Vampires”, which was once already filmed. The failed personal life was left behind,
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.

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