My Dress-Up Darling Season 2
Japanese animation studio CloverWorks is working very hard. Founded in October 2018, they have created a huge number of anime series and movies. In the winter of 2022,
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
Women of the Movement Season 2
1945. Mamie Till-Mobley has a baby named Emmett. Since the persecution of blacks continues throughout America, she tries to create the safest possible conditions for her son. For
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
Good Sam Season 2
A whole department worked under the leadership of the brilliant cardiac surgeon Rob Griffith. But he did not see such professionalism in anyone as in his daughter Sam.
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
The Cleaning Lady Season 2
Thony De La Rosa, along with her sister Fiona, is trying to survive in the US without a residence permit. Both have children, but Thony’s situation is further
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
Stay Close Season 2
Megan Pierce has been happily living with her lover Dave for 16 years now. The couple has three children, but they only recently thought about marriage. After a
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
The Book of Boba Fett Season 2
The TV series “The Book of Boba Fett” follows the adventures of Boba Fett, a well-known skilled fighter and bounty hunter. Much attention is paid to the formation
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
Around the World in 80 Days Season 2
XIX century. Phileas Fogg is an English aristocrat, known among his close associates as an eccentric, impulsive and cowardly middle-aged man. Once he saw a newspaper article about
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
The Head Season 2
Spain has become a supplier of interesting and exciting film projects in recent years. The most striking pictures (“Three Steps Above Heaven”, “The Invisible Guest”, “Money Heist“, “Elite“,
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
Cobra Kai Season 5
Much has passed since Daniel LaRusso beat Johnny Lawrence of the “Cobra Kai” martial arts club in a karate tournament. Almost 30 years later, Johnny has not achieved
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
Avatar 3
On Pandora, mankind has been mining unobtanium for many years, a mineral that people use for various purposes. RDA is setting up a huge mining camp here. The
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.

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