Gomorra Season 6
Naples, our days. Criminal groups are trying to maintain power, but every day new faces appear on the streets of the city, eager to bite off a tidbit
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
Power Book II: Ghost Season 3
Courtney A. Kemp, creator and writer of “Power Book II: Ghost”, continues to introduce audiences to the world of crime. Tariq and his mother Tasha are trying to
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
Cowboy Bebop Season 2
Spike Spiegel and his companion Jet Black travel the vastness of space and catch various villains for a reward. With an out-of-the-box thinking, Spike brings confusion to any
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
The Wheel of Time Season 2
There is a holiday in the village: the women brought Egwene to a river near the village so that she would trust the current and receive the magical
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
Dexter: New Blood Season 2
It’s been 10 years since Dexter hid from enemies. Wanting to continue to remain free, he gives his only child to be raised by his ex-girlfriend Hannah McKay.
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
Blue Period Season 2
2021 gave anime fans a huge number of high-quality manga adaptations. And “Blue Period” was no exception — a decent part of the audience fell in love with
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
Star Trek: Discovery Season 5
XXIII century. The Shenzhou research ship with dozens of federation workers on board encounters a strange breakdown in space — the antenna responsible for communications is damaged. Everything
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
Riverdale Season 7
The fame of Riverdale has stretched far beyond the state, as in recent years more and more murders have been committed here, and the number of unsolved crimes
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts 2
And now, 20 years after the release of the first film about the boy who survived, HBO Max presented to the world what had remained behind the scenes
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.
Succession Season 4
The TV series “Succession” is about the powerful and wealthy man Logan Roy and his family. As he grew older, it became more difficult for him to manage
Anime & TV series Release date. New season review.

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