12 Monkeys Season 5


2043 год. Практически все население Земли было уничтожено неизвестным вирусом три десятилетия назад. Люди вынуждены годами прятаться в бункерах. Благодаря исследованиям в области науки ученым удалось выяснить причину вируса – это был один человек, который жил в 2015 году. Теперь нам нужно решить, кого отправить в прошлое, чтобы найти этого человека и остановить эпидемии.

Когда выйдет серия «12 Monkeys Season 5» come out?

Продолжение пост-апокалиптической драмы «12 обезьян» состоится в мае 2019 года . Более 5 лет вещания, телесериал был любим зрителями со всего мира и с нетерпением жду следующего сезона.



In 2015, the Earth was enveloped by an unknown virus. Nobody knew how it spreads and who caused it. Life for mankind became more and more unbearable every year. Hiding in shelters until 2043, people were able to move deeply forward in the field of studying the disease.

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The scientists found out that in 2015 an unknown person caused the virus to develop and spread it further. Having created an invention that could send to the past, they decide to send one of the now existing people to find this person.

Shot from the series

Their choice is stopped by the former criminal James Cole. The man is sent in 2015 to find the source and learn how to deal with the infection. There he meets biologist Cassandra Riley. After revealing his plan and convincing the girl to believe in the truthfulness of his actions, James enlists her support.

Now they are together trying to find out the cause of the deadly disease and find a man who can explain to them all that is happening. But on the way to the goal they meet a lot of obstacles. Will young people stop the extinction of the human species? Will they find their goal?

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Actors and their roles

  • James Cole – Aaron Stanford. Was filmed in the films “Clinical case”, “Without looking back”. Played the antagonist Piro in the series of films “People X”. Widely known paintings with his participation: “The hills have eyes”, “Live free or die”. The peak of his career came in 2000 – 2010. Currently, he has little interest in the acting career, he prefers to lead a more hidden life.
  • Cassandra Riley – Amanda Schull. For a long time she was engaged in ballet and performed in musicals, but in 2006 she decided to become an actress. Was filmed in the films “Accord”, “I am anger”, “Devil’s Gate”. Became famous after performing the main role in the film “Wars in the female dormitory”.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The series is based on the same movie, which appeared in 1995. The main role in it was played by Bruce Willis. When writing the story for the first season, the creators planned to include it in the series as an episodic character, but later the story was rewritten beyond recognition.
  2. The shooting takes place in the state of Toronto.
  3. Во время создания сериала руководство меняло сценариста много раз. Первой среди них была Натали Чидез, которой принадлежит сценарий серии «Герои». Затем на ее место поместили Трэвиса Фикетта, известного серией «Тера Нова». Теперь создание скрипта работает совершенно разными специалистами.
  4. Режиссером картины был Джеффри Рейнер. Его наиболее популярной работой является серия «Фарго».
  5. Серия транслируется на «SyFy» с 2015 года.


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