3-gatsu no Lion season 3

“3-gatsu no Lion season 3” is a sequel to the popular manga anime created by director Akiyuki Shinbo.

The premiere of the 1st season took place on October 8, 2016 (22 episodes).
Premiere 2nd – October 14, 2017 (22 episodes).

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At the moment, there is no officially confirmed information that the season 2 of the anime “3-gatsu no Lion” will be released.


Rey Kiriyama is a seventeen-year-old youth who recently decided to separate from his parents and start living alone. He earns on a professional game in Shoghi. Yet, despite his independence and his mature age, he is emotionally early on becoming an adult. Teenage problems continue to haunt him in everyday life.

3-gatsu no Lion season 3rd

Relations with the foster family are not the most successful way, and his relations with his classmates are also not glued. At the same time, in his professional career there is a significant decline. And all this is only a small part of his problems.

Ray has friends – three sisters Kavamoto: Akari, Hinata and Momo. But unlike Ray, they live a happy life in their modest home, where they gladly welcome Ray as a native. Although he has moved away from his family, he is afraid to approach them too quickly, he comes here quite often, communicates with his sisters, receives from them the care and attention he needs, which he never met in the orphanage. This is a story about the rise and fall of Ray, his new and old relationships, and his growth as a person.

As a child, Ray Kiriyama lost the whole family in a terrible car accident. His father liked to play shogi with his friend, so Ray, eager for his father’s attention, began to show interest in this game, and later to show in it unthinkable results.

3-gatsu no Lion season 3rd

After the death of his father, his friend takes Ray to his family to develop the talent of the boy, and treats him even better than his own children. Because of this, Ray is experiencing a constant sense of guilt and, starting at school to earn good money in shogi tournaments, moves to a rented apartment.

Lonely life is not so easy. But, fortunately, he meets the sisters of Kawamoto: responsible and adult Akari, full of teenage experiences of Hinata and quite a tiny Momo. These girls have a life too difficult, but they are so light and kind that they manage to heat up their own heat with Ray. Feeling this difference in the perception of the same things, Ray gradually and himself begins to change. In the new season we will see the continuation of this story.

3-gatsu no Lion season 3rd release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1not announced
3x02Series 2not announced
3x03Series 3not announced
3x04Series 4not announced
3x05Series 5not announced
3x06Series 6not announced
3x07Series 7not announced
3x08Series 8not announced
3x09Series 9not announced
3x10Series 10not announced

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