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What will a person do when he realizes that he is one of several who live on Earth? The planet has changed, there is no habitual image of it, no cities, relatives, friends… It is necessary to start all over again. You are the chosen one. You are the hope of a new civilization. Everything depends on your decisions, actions, character…

Genre – science fiction.

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The premiere of the season 1 took place on June 28, 2019 (12 episodes).
The premiere of the season 2 – March 26, 2020 (12 episodes).

When will the sequel to the anime “7 Seeds Season 3” come out?

The “7 Seeds” manga has a huge fan base around the world. 35 volumes allowed the reader to plunge headlong into a fantasy world where everything depends on groups of teenagers. Unfortunately, we can’t say that the anime got a similar success. Will the series have a sequel? At the moment, season 3 of the anime “7 seeds” has not been announced. We are waiting for official information.

Fans consider the main reason for the failure of the anime to be the following. The characters are initially grouped, but then the characters move from one team to another, which in the end is too difficult to remember. If the director finds a way to streamline everything, perhaps the new season will be successful.


Astronomers have openly stated that a collision of the Earth with an asteroid is inevitable. Humanity will not be able to survive a catastrophe of this magnitude. The result will be the same for everyone – death. Such a disappointing prediction forced a group of Japanese scientists to come together in order to come up with a survival plan. Their thoughts and assumptions led to the creation of the “7 Seed” program. The way out is cryonics. This technology consists in immersing a person in a state of deep cooling in order to revive him at a certain moment.

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Frame from anime

For this program, scientists were looking only for healthy boys and girls. Five groups of 7 people. All were frozen. When a computer program recorded the safety of life on Earth, they woke up. Did the guys know that they are the chosen ones and they have to master the planet? Did they give their consent to such an “adventure”? No. Only the guides were aware of the situation.

Groups were distributed throughout Japan. In support of the guys, the government left hiding places with seeds and necessary teaching aids. The survival game has begun…

Main characters

Recall that in each of the 5 teams there are 7 people plus an instructor. The main characters are many, we note only a few of them.

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Fall Team:

  • Akiwo Haza – group leader with Ran Shishigaki; they force their colleagues to work for them, growing corn, caring for livestock and doing other household chores; he is fluent in English and Spanish, because he lived and studied in America.
  • Ran Shishigaki – Akiwo’s chief assistant, agrees with him on all matters; selfish and tough girl by nature; unhappy that she was selected in the government program “7 seeds”.

Summer Team A (the guys in this group were genetically created by the government from ideal biomaterials, so the team members are named only):

  • Ango – fire and water specialist; best student of the project; Ango is a rival to Ryō; the guys have a difficult relationship, but circumstances force them to be one team; over time, the guy becomes more open to others.
  • Ryō – fire and water specialist; never loses his temper; distrustful of both his teachers and his current colleagues; very silent and observant; prefers to keep his thoughts to himself; he has excellent command of a knife and a gun.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The first volume of the manga was released on March 26, 2002, the last – on August 10, 2017.
  2. The author of the manga of the same name, taken as the basis for creating an anime series, is a Japanese manga artist Yumi Tamura. “7 seeds” is one of her most popular works. But Yumi is famous for her other projects: “Tomoe ga Yuku!”, “Basara”, for which she won the Shogakukan Manga Award, Japan’s main manga award. No wonder “Basara” is considered one of the greatest manga of all time.
  3. The director of the anime was Yukio Takahashi, among his works: “Keijo!”, “Dog & Scissors”, “The Qwaser of Stigmata” and others.

7 Seeds Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1not announced
3x02Series 2not announced
3x03Series 3not announced
3x04Series 4not announced
3x05Series 5not announced
3x06Series 6not announced
3x07Series 7not announced
3x08Series 8not announced
3x09Series 9not announced
3x10Series 10not announced

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