9-1-1 Season 4


The plot of the series focuses on the work of civil servants who daily sacrifice their own lives in order to save civilians. Firefighters, police, rescuers, doctors – they all try to do their job well, but sometimes personal circumstances make it difficult to adequately assess the situation…

When will the series “9-1-1 Season 4” be released?

The continuation of the exciting series “9-1-1” will take place in September 2020. After the release of season 3, the creators announced that there will be many new heroes next season. But their names are still kept in the strictest confidence.


Robert Nash, nicknamed “Bobby”, has been a lifeguard for many years. He is an ordinary person, in whose life there have been ups and downs. Faced with death almost daily, it’s hard to keep his mind, and Robert repeatedly broke down, finding solace in the company with a bottle. Only the belief that he could help others could free him from addiction.

A young guy, Evan “Buck” Buckley, is working with Robert. He is ready to drive around in a fire truck, have fun with the girls and at the same time remain single. Evan does not know how to divide life into gray stripes, the guy distinguishes only black and white. To help people who do not deserve this, the guy will not under any circumstances. Only Bobby can help with this.

Athena Grant works in the police and comes to the most difficult challenges. With a good heart, she is ready to help not only those who are in trouble, but also random victims who were originally criminals. Some employees cannot understand such selfless impulses, and only Athena knows the true value of any life.

Frame from the series

Each series is the next call to the rescue service, while they do not always end successfully. The operator is constantly in the dark – what ended this or that situation. He can only guess what the outcome was, because usually people drop the phone right away, as help comes at their doorstep.

Among the stories that happen to rescuers and other public servants, there are those that cling to their living. A newborn child in a drain pipe, his minor mother, a woman with a python on his neck, and even a boy drowned at the bottom of his own pool can become the main characters of the story…

Actors and their roles

  • Robert “Bobby” Nash – an experienced lifeguard who has been in office for many years; repeatedly broke down, switched to alcohol and more dangerous drugs, but then returned to work again; you can always rely on Evan, but severe cases can undermine his fighting spirit; He loves the team and is ready to stand up for his employees – Oliver Stark.
  • Evan “Buck” Buckley – a young lifeguard fixated on his own appearance; during the series, he gains experience from older comrades and even stops his violent activity in finding a new girl for entertainment; Bobby is more diligent in his work, but he was fired by Evan until he showed his professionalism – Peter Krause.
  • Athena Carter Nash (Grant) – patrol policeman, sent to calls from the 911 remote control; she brings up two children, her husband is gay, who, many years after living together, decided to confess to the whole world about it; Athena was silent so as not to upset the children, but her husband decided everything for her – Angela Bassett.
  • Abigail “Abby” Clark – a single woman who is over 40 years old; she works as a 911 operator; in season 1, the story comes from her mouth, she says that she never knows how this or that situation was decided; Abby is most worried about the children, which becomes clear from the 1st episode, where she does everything possible so that the robber does not kill the girl taken hostage – Connie Britton.

Interesting Facts

  1. Recently it became known that in May 2019, the development of a spin-off began, where the main role will be assigned to Rob Lowe. The series is still called “9-1-1: Lone Star”, but closer to the exit, the name may change. The premiere will take place on January 19, 2020, but there is a chance that the picture will be postponed to a later time.
  2. Connie Britton was one of the most expensive stars of the project, but after the 1st season, the woman wanted to leave the set. The directors did not put much pressure on the actress and allowed her not to renew the contract. According to Connie, it is very difficult to keep a calm face when you have to experience such difficulties on the screen.
  3. In real life, Oliver Stark broke down and got drunk twice, but that was long before filming in the series. Such a past helped him to successfully embody his suffering on the screen, while reinforcing them with a stale appearance and the reality of what is happening. Angela Bassett during the filming became very friends with Oliver, they communicate closely even outside the series.

9-1-1 Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1September 2020
4x02Series 2September 2020
4x03Series 3September 2020
4x04Series 4September 2020
4x05Series 5September 2020
4x06Series 6September 2020
4x07Series 7September 2020
4x08Series 8September 2020
4x09Series 9September 2020
4x10Series 10September 2020

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