A Certain Scientific Railgun Season 4


Mikoto Misaka, along with her friends, takes care of security and order at Academy City. While Kuroko Shirai is actively involved in the life of the “Judgment” organization, Mikoto Misaka, who has Level 5, is doing everything to keep the streets of her city quiet and calm. But there will always be someone who is ready to wreak chaos…

Genre – action, comedy, drama, psychology, science fiction.

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The premiere of Season 1 (A Certain Scientific Railgun) took place on October 2, 2009.
The premiere of Season 2 (A Certain Scientific Railgun S) – April 12, 2013.
The premiere of Season 3 (A Certain Scientific Railgun T) – January 10, 2020.

When will the sequel of anime “A Certain Scientific Railgun Season 4” come out?

All seasons of the “A Certain Scientific Railgun” anime have very good ratings. Fans of teenagers with incredible abilities are unlikely to let go of their favorite characters. Should we wait to continue? Probably yes. It’s just hard to say in which year the premiere of new series will take place, because the previous seasons came out at huge intervals.

While there is no official information about the continuation of the anime, we can only enjoy other projects that are regularly released by anime experts.


The main mission of Mikoto Misaka and her friends is to preserve peace and ensure the safety of people from various criminals. Their city is populated by people who are known as espers. The Academy helps to develop superpowers in such students and subsequently direct their strength in the right direction for the protection of people.

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The main character of anime

Nature has laid huge potential and incredible abilities in Mikoto. In this regard, in recognition of her strength and skills, the girl received the nickname “Railgun” (this is a weapon that uses electromagnetic force to launch a projectile of enormous speed; it has a destructive force). It seems that the essence of Mikoto Misaka is small for her incredible strength, and Level 5 is not enough for her. But esper, who goes to Level 6, becomes unstable, begins to lose part of his personality. At the moment of transition to a new level, esper becomes a creature of pure power…

Main characters

  • Mikoto Misaka – a 14-year-old student at a prestigious school; her childhood was no different from others, but Mikoto has a bright past; being a master of electricity, she is able to break into any electronics, network, no matter how complex and secret it may be; by nature, the girl is quick-tempered, proud, but at the same time she is unsure of herself, which she carefully conceals; has a keen sense of justice; once, scientists tricked her into taking DNA to create clones with similar superpowers, but after that many other events happened.
  • Kuroko Shirai – Level 4 esper; ability – instant teleportation; is a member of the special group of the public committee “Justice” to support peace and order in the city; obsessed with her friend Mikoto Misaka, therefore she is constantly next to her; despite outward frivolity, Kuroko is strong and merciless in battle.
  • Tōma Kamijō – an important anime character; he cannot be called an excellent student, but some school subjects are easily given to him; he is ready to help others, while being cynical towards himself; lost his memory, as only some of his entourage know; has a good physical shape, quick thinking; the ability that Tom possesses from birth is Imagine Breaker, that is, the destruction of any supernatural powers, the powers of espers, magic, etc.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The anime is based on the manga of the same name, which is the spin-off of “A Certain Magical Index series” by Kazuma Kamachi.
  2. The main character Mikoto Misaku voiced by an experienced Japanese actress and singer Rina Sato. Among her latest works: Mi from the anime “BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense“, Yū Kirino from the anime “Demon Lord, Retry!” and others.
  3. Nagai Tatsuyuki acted as the constant director of all the seasons of the anime. Among his works: “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans”, “The Anthem of the Heart”, etc.
  4. According to the source, Mikoto Misaka had an incredible electric power with a maximum power of more than a billion volts. Note that the most powerful lightning discharge recorded in real life was 100 million volts.
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A Certain Scientific Railgun Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1not announced
4x02Series 2not announced
4x03Series 3not announced
4x04Series 4not announced
4x05Series 5not announced
4x06Series 6not announced
4x07Series 7not announced
4x08Series 8not announced
4x09Series 9not announced
4x10Series 10not announced

A Certain Scientific Railgun – Opening

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