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The life of Diana Bishop could never be called interesting. Even the girl herself understood that her days were boring and monotonous. But once everything changed and new opportunities opened up before her. While spending time in the library, Diana accidentally discovered old letters, including a manuscript telling about the secret life of some elders who carry out their own mission on Earth…

When will the series “A Discovery of Witches Season 3” be released?

The sequel to the fantastic TV series “A Discovery of Witches” will take place on January 7, 2022. Unfortunately, season 3 will be the final one.

Season 2 production was crumpled due to the global outbreak of the coronavirus. The deadlines in which the director and his team had to shoot the material were so stretched that the question arose about the closure of the project. All issues have been resolved and we will see our favorite heroes again!

A completely new approach to the vampire idea fell in love with the audience. The struggle of various creatures among themselves is presented in a different light, and now it is not known whether love will be able to win in this fight for power…


Diana has to obey the elders, as they help prevent unnecessary marriages and fight various creatures, including vampires, werewolves, witches, and others. Before that, Diana knew only a quiet life – she worked at Oxford University and was loving to the ancient writings. The girl chose history as her main subject. Her favorite place to work was the library, where she found an old manuscript. The desire to touch the relic was too strong for Diana Bishop…

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The touch of the hand on the subject turned out to be scorched on the back of Diana’s palm. This was the beginning of a new adventure for the girl, whose name is love. The topic of the manuscript so interested the girl that she went in search of answers.

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Matthew Clairmont, a geneticist, has become one of her guides to the new world. He not only tells her secrets that she did not know about, but also becomes her lover. Feelings between lovers grow like a snowball, but according to the laws of the elders, they cannot be together. Since Diana is a witch, she will not be able to build her future with a lower being, which is her beloved vampire Matthew.

Frame from the series

To reserve the right to be together, Matthew and Diana continue to study the manuscript found by the girl. It may have a clue about how to maintain a relationship. It was through these pages that Diana realized that she was a hereditary witch. Maybe she could learn other secrets? Soon the couple realizes that the book needs to be protected from other people, because it contains such secrets that it is scary to imagine.

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While the season 2 was broadcast on television, the filming process of the third was going on. Now the guys will again have to assert their right to love and save the book from enemies…

Actors and their roles

  • Diana Bishop – a native of Great Britain; she is interested in the history she taught at Oxford University; Diana became a witch after touching a manuscript; she learns a new world with Matthew, whom she loved; the girl is trying to maintain her relationship at all costs – Teresa Palmer.
  • Matthew Clairmont – works as a geneticist; he assisted Diana in the investigation of the manuscript; Matthew tries to escape from the onslaught of the elders and free himself from their pressure, because he is seriously in love with Diana; the man is a vampire while his girlfriend belongs to the witch clan – Matthew Goode.

Interesting Facts

  1. The television series was filmed on the plot of the novel “A Discovery of the Witches”. The book has become a bestseller and belongs to the British writer Deborah Harkness. At one time, a woman published several books from the series “All Souls Trilogy”. Each season of the series is a separate book from the cycle. The creators of the project made their adjustments, but in general the book and the series are very similar.
  2. British viewers have been watching the series on Sky One since September 14, 2018. Some countries that acquired broadcast rights did not find the series interesting in order to show the new season. But in vain – in an online movie theater, millions of people watched and will revisit the romantic story of a witch and a vampire more than once.
  3. Each season of the series is divided into 8 episodes lasting 45 minutes.
  4. Warner bros back in 2011, they announced the development of the series and bought the script, but in the end they decided not to tackle this idea. When Sky One acquired the rights to the series, the leadership did not even imagine how popular the picture would gain in its native country. The British look forward to every episode.
  5. Teresa Palmer is actually from Australia. The girl has repeatedly starred in the series, but did not often participate in such popular projects as The Discovery of Witches. Her colleague on the set, Matthew Goode, noted that unlike British women, Palmer is more resilient, less capricious, and much friendlier. Teresa herself also has a warm attitude towards a British friend.
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A Discovery of Witches Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1January 7, 2022
3x02Series 2January 14, 2022
3x03Series 3January 21, 2022
3x04Series 4January 28, 2022
3x05Series 5February 4, 2022
3x06Series 6February 11, 2022
3x07Series 7February 18, 2022
3x08Series 8February 25, 2022
3x09Series 9March 4, 2022
3x10Series 10March 11, 2022

A Discovery Of Witches | Series 1 | Behind The Scene

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