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A fairy tale with steampunk elements for all ages. It was such a product that was offered to the viewer by the Russian creators of the film “Abigail”. Magic and magic, betrayal and the search for truth, two worlds that exist in parallel, crazy computer graphics and complete immersion in the plot. It will be unrealistic cool!

Genre – fantasy, adventure.
Duration – 110 min.
The film premiered on August 22, 2019.

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When will the “Abigail 2” come out?

Project director Alexander Boguslavsky does not exclude the possibility of creating a continuation of the film “Abigail”. They can talk about the success of any film project only a few weeks after its premiere. After all, it is the reviews of critics and viewers, demand and ratings that decide whether to continue or not.

p.s. The filmmakers of “Abigail” put a huge amount of their energy into the project, but unfortunately the picture did not pay off. With a high degree of probability, the second part of the film will not come out.


An epidemic was declared in the city, because of which its borders were closed to everyone. No explanation from the authorities. All infected were taken away in an unknown direction, thus leaving a chance for the remaining residents.

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When Abigail was a little girl, unidentified men took her father as well. All that the girl knew about it – her father also fell ill. Years passed. Abigail grew up and began to understand a lot. Now the girl did not want to live by the laws of the city. There is no faith in the authorities. And Abigail felt that something was wrong with her father. Ahead is a long and difficult path. But she is ready to fight for the truth, she will find her father!

Frame from the movie

How will the truth affect Abigail? After all, now the girl knows that the world in which she lived is not real. Magic and sorcery are her world. And she is one of its inhabitants!..

Main characters

  • Abigail / Abby – at the age of 6 she was left without a father, a kind wizard, who was once taken away because of his “illness”; the girl only understands with age that her city is not at all what she imagined; Abby is a brave heroine, magic “wakes up” in her – Tinatin Dalakishvili.
  • Marcus – a dumb guy, a half-crazy inventor who creates magic weapons; Abigail’s friend – Rinal Mukhametov.
  • Bale – the leader of the rebels – Gleb Bochkov.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The shooting took place in both capitals of Russia – St. Petersburg and Moscow. Full-scale shooting took place in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.
  2. The burnt church of St. Anne in St. Petersburg was chosen as the headquarters of the rebels.
  3. For the actor Gleb Bochkov, shooting in the film “Abigail” is a debut on the big screen.
  4. The picture will be released not only in Russia, but also abroad. Premieres will be shown in many countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.
  5. Nobody was considered for the role of the main character Abigail. Director Alexander Boguslavsky saw in her role only actress Tinatin Dalakishvili. The girl gladly accepted the offer and became the first approved actress of the film. The rest of the actors went through rigorous selection and a large number of samples. Each image was worked out carefully, because in the end the picture should have turned out to be real and powerful.
  6. Alexander Boguslavsky admitted that he has been friends with Rinal Mukhametov for a long time. Knowing his acting talent, the ability to transform, Boguslavsky immediately approved him for the role of Marcus. Before the film “Abigail” Mukhametov and Boguslavsky already worked together – it was a mini-project “Immersion”.
  7. In the film, costumes of wizards are more reminiscent of the outfit of the homeless. But the director saw his characters exactly like that. Costumers did their job perfectly, translating the idea of ​​Alexander Boguslavsky into reality. Of the fabric, costume designers preferred wool and canvas.
  8. Before creating the film, the scriptwriters wrote about 20 scripts with a detailed description of the two worlds. Having worked each of them, two unique worlds were created, which the viewer saw on the screen. The worst thing for the leadership of the “Abigail” project was that the viewer can compare it with “Harry Potter” or “Fantastic Beasts”. It is for this reason that the script was worked out very carefully and scrupulously.
  9. Computer graphics are an integral part of film production. So, for example, the flight of airships was completely created using a computer.
  10. In order to create a three-dimensional fairy, the developers took one year.
  11. The name Abigail from Hebrew is translated as “father’s joy”.
  12. Substitutes for magic wands were created on the basis of forms of insects (beetles, butterflies, dragonflies).
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Abigail 2: release date

NumberRelease date
Abigail 2not announced

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  1. Tracie

    This was an amazing movie. I can’t believe it didn’t do well.I loved it.I wish for a series. Here in America. I truly believe it will do well. :-)

  2. Annie

    I really hope they make an Abigail 2. I saw the preview for Abigail and had to buy it! I’m in love with this movie. I’m going to be telling all my friend’s to watch this movie. It’s a must watch! I love the storyline, the magic, the actors, and all the steam punk. You guy’s did a fantastic job ?.

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