Adventure Time season 10

The animated series was created by the director Leichtelit in 2010. At the moment, he received many awards such as Prime Time, Emmy Award, Annie Award and was nominated for a film that he liked television critics, an international festival of animated films and many others.

All cartoon series that have already been shown to viewers have received high ratings. The premiere of the series “Adventure Time Season 10” will be held on September 17, 2017. The last episode of the season will be broadcast on September 3, 2018.

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History of the creation of the cartoon

The time of adventure began to show on April 5, 2010. At the moment, there are 9 seasons, consisting of 266 series, a pilot episode and 10 small paintings. In this case, season 5 consists of 2 parts, and 7 of 3. The length of each series is 11 minutes. Directors are not going to stop there and will please their viewers with new and new episodes.

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Adventure Time season 10

Date of release 10 season Adventure time determined. Most likely, we will be able to see the new series in February 2018. If you rely on more or less reliable sources, 26 episodes will be shown, the last of which will be shown in September.

What will be shown in the new season

As you know, “Adventure Time” is a cartoon in which the life of the boy Finn and the English Bulldog Jake is shown. The magic dog and its owner live in a world that survived the Apocalypse. Directors gave him the name “Land Ltd.”. The main characters live in a tree house. The place of their deployment is the Candy Kingdom.

All the series are based on the fact that in childhood the main character promised himself to come to the aid of everyone who is now in trouble. Therefore, he tries to save the inhabitants of all the lands of the post-apocalyptic world. Of the main characters worth noting Princess Bublum, Snow King, Queen of Vampires and Princess of the Pucarny Kingdom.

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What we are happy with the new season, while it is impossible to predict. After all, each series has its own unique story. And he is not connected with the others. Naturally, at the moment the main character has already managed to grow up for 7 years. Therefore, we can conclude that the series are in a clear chronological order.

Adventure Time season 10

In fact, the Earth, which survived a nuclear war, is shown really interesting. The group of creators of the animated series thought that only 2/3 of our planet survived, and the surviving people succumbed to a mutation. At last, in the world, outright undisguised magic began to manifest itself. The plot is completely thought out by the directors and has a good picture.

Interesting Facts

– First, “Adventure Time” was supposed to narrate about the Earth Ltd., which is exclusively a magical world. But, further, a clear plan was drawn to show the country a post-apocalyptic.

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– Most of the elements of the landscape were taken from a movie called “Mad Max”.

– The background of the “War of Mushrooms” is told in the course of the episodes. You can also understand who Finn is and what he does in this world. A little told the story of the bulldog and the way he got his magic.

Adventure Time season 10 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
10x01Series 1September 17, 2017
10x02Series 2September 17, 2017
10x03Series 3September 17, 2017
10x04Series 4September 17, 2017
10x05Series 5December 17, 2017
10x06Series 6December 17, 2017
10x07Series 7December 17, 2017
10x08Series 8December 18, 2018
10x09Series 9March 18, 2018
10x10Series 10March 18, 2018
10x11Series 11March 18, 2018
10x12Series 12March 18, 2018
10x13Series 13September 3, 2018
10x14Series 14September 3, 2018
10x15Series 15September 3, 2018
10x16Series 16September 3, 2018

Adventure Time season 10 Trailer

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