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The earth survived a nuclear war, which was later decided to be called a mushroom war. Magic has returned to the bowels of the Earth, and some of the people even managed to mutate, due to which they acquired super-abilities. The animated series tells about the boy Finn and his best friend – the bulldog Jake.

When will the cartoon “Adventure Time Season 11” come out?

Continuation of the cartoon “Adventure Time” will not follow, as the eight-year existence of the painting was closed after Season 10. For a long time exciting events in the parallel world fascinated the viewer, but over time, the excitement passed, and people found new favorites.


Most of the population was able to continue life on Earth “Ooo” after the mushroom war. Its name came from the clouds after the explosions, reminiscent of the appearance of the fungus. Finn, being a good-natured child, sworn to help each person, goes in search of the poor with his faithful friend Jake.

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Children perfectly find a common language and with each series the number of people saved by them is added. Each episode more and more opens the veil of creating a real world, as well as reveals secondary characters.

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Thus, for 10 seasons the audience loved such heroes as Princess Bublgum, a princess of vampires named Marcelin, Snow King and even Princess of the Pucarny Kingdom. The series is fascinating with its uniqueness, because such animated films are so lacking at the present time.

A shot from the animated series

Actors of scoring

  • Finn – a boy who lives in the Kingdom of Finland with his dog, their house is on a tree, Finn readily helps the needy, not denying anyone – Jeremy Shed.
  • Jake is a faithful Finn bulldog who participates in every journey of his master, a cowardly man, but the love of a man forces courage – John DiMaggio.
  • Princess of the Fluttering Kingdom – very fond of herself, leads like a spoiled child, without permission, drowns in other people’s dwellings and eats a crop – Pendleton Ward.
  • Princess Bublhum – controls the Empire of Slavery, cunning, thanks to which successfully eliminates the enemies coming to her lands – Hinden Walsh.
  • Snow King – runs the Ice Kingdom, used to work as a teacher, he was called Simon, now he can change his appearance, than he often uses when kidnapping people – Pendleton Ward.
  • Marceline is a vampire lord, with whom Finn and Jake initially fought, but soon found a common language – Olivia Olson.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The show never had a script. Artists receive a partial plan without dialogue, which is accompanied by small wishes.
  2. The growth of Jeremy Sheda has a positive effect on his character. Together with Finn, who is constantly changing his age, the voice of Jeremy changes. After breaking the voice that befell Shadow at the age of 13, Finn was added several years and the situation was resolved.
  3. Since the script’s author is Pendleton Ward, the other writers offer their own ideas that Ward rejects or accepts at his own discretion. According to other authors, you can approach Pendleton with the same idea in a month and then she has the opportunity to appear on the air.
  4. Residents of the Earth “Uuu” (gingerbread people) are copied from script writers and bear similar names.
  5. The pilot series appeared in January 2007 and only 3 years later the rest of the first season came out.
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Adventure Time Season 11 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
11x01Series 1closed
11x02Series 2closed
11x03Series 3closed
11x04Series 4closed
11x05Series 5closed
11x06Series 6closed
11x07Series 7closed
11x08Series 8closed
11x09Series 9closed
11x10Series 10closed

Adventure Time

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