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After the death of his wife, Tony’s life became meaningless. Everything ceased to please, life turned into Groundhog Day, when the same thing is repeated every day. It was impossible to go after his beloved wife, because Tony had an adored dog in his care, which simply cannot be left alone. And then the man found a new, extraordinary way out for himself…

“After Life ss 4”: release date, announcement

The season 3 was announced as the final one, so we should not wait for the continuation of the TV series “Life after death season 4”.


All that’s left of his wife are videos of the two of them. During her lifetime, Lisa even recorded a whole video in which she begged her husband not to become depressed. Cancer was the cause of her sudden death. There were no children in the marriage, because both did not want to burden themselves with parental obligations.

One day, Tony decided to die, prepared a razor and was about to cut his veins in the bathroom. But the dog who came in just in time reminded him that he would become useless after the death of both owners. Angry, Tony goes to the cemetery, where he strikes up a conversation with a woman whose husband died and is buried near Lisa. The conversation does not give him peace, and he leaves for an unloved job.

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The local newspaper, where the widower works, gets a sensational news: a guy who lives with his mother plays the flutes with his nose. Going with a colleague to look at this “hobby”, Tony comes to the conclusion that his life is not as insignificant as he thought. It even has a small meaning, for example, meeting a nephew or his dog.

The main characters of the TV series

Deciding to change, Tony begins to treat every day like the last one. Now a man is not afraid to quarrel with friends, protecting his own interests. He doesn’t care what his brother thinks of him when Tony wants to invite a friend of a drug addict to visit, because today they decided to get high. Even the waiters in the cafe are amazed at his impudent behavior. But along with the terrible changes in character, Tony tries to immerse himself in real life. He attends various courses, tries himself in meditation, even if instead of the effect he often gets a huge number of new problems.

In the next seasons, there are new stories and a place for fresh tragedy. Trying to cope with the burden of problems that have piled on, the main character again experiences apathy. Who will be able to pull him out of the endless circle of worries? Will he begin to live happily, as his wife would like? ..

Actors and their roles

  • Tony — having lost a loved one, he became unbearable for others, because he got into bad habits and began to behave rudely; looking for ways to enjoy life, but thoughts of suicide do not give him rest, only the responsibility for the dog that needs attention and care stops him; works in a newspaper; looking for materials for articles — Ricky Gervais.
  • Lisa — the love of his life for Tony, was married to him, got cancer, but did not waste her optimism when she found out about the diagnosis; she managed to record a farewell video message in which she begged her husband not to allow himself to relax and asked him to breathe deeply; often appears in flashbacks and videos viewed by the spouse — Kerry Godliman.
  • Ray — Tony’s father; lives in a nursing home; Tony comes to him, but cannot keep up conversations for a long time, since his father no longer understands the meaning of the words spoken; suffers from dementia; he is cared for by a nurse; repeats meaningless phrases and very rarely regains consciousness — David Bradley.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The TV series was created by Ricky Gervais, inspired by the story of his best friend, whose wife died a few years ago. Gervais did not begin to arrange a casting for the main role and took on the character himself. According to Wikipedia, this is the first TV show in his career to have more than two seasons.
  2. The small role of Kerry Godliman became memorable in the eyes of the audience, because after it she immediately received 2 offers for a brief collaboration in the TV series “Adult Material” and “Whitstable Pearl”. Since 2008, the woman has been married, and her husband appreciates the comfort she creates in the house more than Kerry’s participation in long-term projects.
  3. David Bradley, although he is in his old age, but he knows how to choose projects that later become popular. So he got into the “Harry Potter” franchise, where he played the caretaker of the school for 7 parts. Then he was invited to the projects “Doctor Who“, “Game of Thrones“, “Les Miserables”, as well as the film “Jolt”.
  4. In 2018, Netflix signed a contract with Ricky Gervais, and on March 8, 2019, the season 1 of the TV show “After Life” was already released, which was watched by about 500 thousand viewers every episode. By the season 3, the number of views had dropped to 400,000. Perhaps the low ratings were the reason for the closure of the TV show.
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After Life Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1project is closed
4x02Series 2project is closed
4x03Series 3project is closed
4x04Series 4project is closed
4x05Series 5project is closed
4x06Series 6project is closed

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