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In the anime “Akudama Drive” none of the main characters rely on each other – here everyone is on his own. Despite the fact that they are all completely different, they were collected into one team. Now they have a main goal for which the guys will receive a huge amount of money…

Genre – science fiction, action.
The premiere of the 1st season took place on October 8, 2020 (12 episodes).

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“Akudama Drive ss 2”: release date, announcement

According to critics, the anime “Akudama Drive” has become the most anticipated series of the fall of 2020. Interest in anime was incredible, because the plot is so different from other films that viewers could not wait for Episode 1. Interest in anime grew from series to series. Will the viewer see the sequel?
At the moment, there is no exact information and the release of new episodes. But there is an opinion that “Akudama Drive” will not become a one-season project. The storyline is large, highly skilled criminals have yet to prove themselves. So we are waiting for the continuation. The expected time is 2023. Unfortunately, Pierrot studio is so busy that it will probably not have time to release a new season before 2023.


The day came when the authorities announced the public execution of Maniac. And while ordinary people see and hear advertisements for this high-profile event all over the place, several of Akudama’s people receive an interesting message. It offers to receive 100 million yen for being the first to free this Maniac.

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Frame from the anime

Brawler, scattering police robots in different corners; Courier, received to deliver the parcel to the addressee; Cutthroat, who could not miss such amusing fun; Doctor, postponing cases for an interesting proposal; Hacker confident that he will be the first; Hoodlum, driven only by the thought of money and accidentally joining the others, as well as Swindler, who by coincidence fell into the epicenter of events and had nothing to do with what was happening – all gathered in one place. And if the goal of the criminals is clear, then what is the goal pursued by the one who gathered them here?

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Main characters

  • An ordinary girl / Swindler – before getting into the underworld of Akudama, she was an ordinary girl, now she is a Swindler; differs from other characters in humanity; Swindler is able to compassion and protect those who need help; her main ability is quick thinking, she will easily outwit any opponent.
  • Cutthroat – despite his cute and defenseless image, the guy has a huge list of bloody things; sentenced to 967 years in prison for his crimes; by killing, he gets great pleasure; in ordinary life he looks like a child, but everything changes at the sight of blood; has strange feelings for Swindler, is ready to protect her, but the girl does not reciprocate; always carries weapons in the form of daggers, knives and blades.
  • Doctor – a mad scientist, a girl with her own very strange principles; saving the life of one person, she can easily kill anyone who gets in her way; her main lethal weapon, of course, is a scalpel; she also has other medical instruments in her arsenal; playing with people’s lives is more fun for her; calm, cold-blooded by nature, the Doctor perfectly understands that the life of this or that person depends on her, she sincerely enjoys thoughts about this; ready to do everything to achieve her goal, capable of betrayal and other low deeds; despite her maniacal tendencies, the Doctor is great in medicine, her knowledge is limitless, which makes her a unique doctor.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The anime was directed by Tomohisa Taguchi and written by Kazutaka Kodaka. Together they tried to portray a world full of rebels. Dynamics, chaos are the main characteristics of anime. Tomohisa and Kazutaka based their work on films by American filmmaker Quentin Tarantino (“Pulp Fiction”, “Reservoir Dogs”), as well as on the film “Blade Runner”, directed by English director Ridley Scott.
  2. Anime fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of Episode 1 of “Akudama Drive”, which was slated for release in July 2020. However, the coronavirus pandemic interfered with these plans. As a result, the premiere was postponed to October.
  3. Currently, a manga of the same name is being written based on the anime. The first volume was published on July 7, 2020.

Akudama Drive Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 12023
2x02Series 22023
2x03Series 32023
2x04Series 42023
2x05Series 52023
2x06Series 62023
2x07Series 72023
2x08Series 82023
2x09Series 92023
2x10Series 102023

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