Alice to Zouroku season 2

A new season of anime directed by Sakurabi Katsushi created on the basis of manga writer Ray Hiroe in the spring of 2017.

Release date anime series “Alice to Zouroku” season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held – July, 2020.


In a certain world there are unique girls who have a powerful force called “Alice to Zouroku”. These young ladies can create all sorts of images in their heads, which then become reality. The most daring fantasies become quite feasible.

All materialistic laws do not work here. The abilities of girls are slightly different. Some can change, others create new images, and some can simply be destroyed. There are always people who study such talents. The scientists locked the young seductresses in the laboratory and began to investigate them.

As described in the anime “Alice to Zouroku”, one of these experimental subjects Sen ran away. Sitting in confinement for her was a terrible test. Sena knows how to materialize his prototypes, which she represents. The girl was lucky, in the outer world she met a good-natured and experienced old man Zoroka. He gladly agreed to help her.

So began the extraordinary adventures of a little girl and an elderly man. Zoroku teaches Sen to master his superpowers, so that, God forbid, she does not make misfortunes, but she benefits people.

Alice to Zouroku season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1July 2020
2x02Series 2July 2020
2x03Series 3July 2020
2x04Series 4July 2020
2x05Series 5July 2020
2x06Series 6July 2020
2x07Series 7July 2020
2x08Series 8July 2020
2x09Series 9July 2020
2x10Series 10July 2020

Alice to Zouroku trailer