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James Herriot loves animals so much that he dreamed of getting a job related to them. Parents insisted on other hobbies, but he had the chance to meet with a real professional in his field. Determined to seize the opportunity, Herriot embarks on a journey to get a job that brings happiness! Forward towards adventure!

“All Creatures Great and Small ss 3”: release date, announcement

The first episode of Season 1 of the TV series “All Creatures Great and Small” was watched by a record number of viewers — almost 3.5 million. Therefore, no one was surprised that the whole season broke every conceivable and inconceivable record. The second season followed immediately after the first one, as the demand for the show is huge. Will the creators of the TV series close the project after the release of 2 successful seasons? Of course not! Therefore, we are waiting for the continuation, according to tradition, in September, but already in 2022.

p.s. Official: Season 3 of “All Creatures Great and Small” TV series will premiere on September 15, 2022 in the UK. In the US, the premiere is scheduled for January 2023.


James Herriot is renowned among villagers for his responsible approach to life. Every morning he jogs, monitors proper nutrition and tries to achieve at least something in life. And while his parents complain about his unreasonableness in choosing a profession, he patiently goes to his goal and waits for him to have a chance to work as a veterinarian. But the opportunity is never provided.

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Once, when the guy was about to agree to another job, he received an answer from afar — an assistant veterinarian is needed in Yorkshire. Miraculously reaching his destination, he meets an eccentric man named Siegfried Farnon, and the first thing that James hears is “I don’t need helpers!” Frustrated, the guy thinks he will be sent back, but Farnon’s housekeeper, Mrs Hall, comes to the rescue.

She convinces the owner of the importance of James, and he agrees to see how the guy will work. From the first day at work, it becomes clear to Farnon that it is much easier to work with Herriot. The guy knows enough to help the popular veterinarian in this area, which is Siegfried. His difficult nature is known to everyone, but he is too experienced for people to dare contradict the chief veterinarian.


Frame from the TV showHerriot endures all the hardships of work stoically. The dilapidated car, which was given to him as a means of transportation, required a lot of effort, including changing the brakes. And even this did not stop James, who was ready to come anywhere to help a sick animal. Livestock is the most common patient.

Siegfried is the only specialist a hundred miles around. People try not to spoil relations with him, since he has a large store of knowledge, consolidated by practical skills. The appearance of an assistant will allow him to get the job done faster, and for James himself, this is a chance to someday become a veterinarian and work for himself.

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But there is still a lot of unknown ahead. Herriot will have to learn to hear his patients, understand their habits and catch every movement. Mrs Hall is capable of ironing out any conflict, but will she be able to keep Harriot with Siegfried when the guy has enough experience?

Actors and their roles

  • James Herriot — a young guy whose parents were categorically opposed to him associating his life with animals; went to the far end of the country, because it was there that they responded to his offer to work as an assistant veterinarian; works under the supervision of an experienced veterinarian, is friends with his housekeeper — Nicholas Ralph.
  • Siegfried Farnon — a bad tempered veterinarian; sarcastic about people, sometimes openly rude; does not like to be reminded of work while on vacation; in order to promote his business, he went to small tricks and this helped him — Samuel West.
  • Mrs Hall — a dedicated worker who oversees the household at Farnon’s home; at her suggestion, James came to help her master; at first she helped him not to fall face down in front of the employer; very organized; independently draws up the daily routine of Siegfried — Anna Madeley.

Interesting Facts

  • As the main face of the TV series, Nicholas Ralph quickly gained popularity around the world. The show “All Creatures Great and Small” was his first job, after which job offers began to come to him from all sides. In 2021, two TV projects were released with his participation: “The Devil’s Light” and “The Most Reluctant Convert”.
  • On the world site IMDb, the TV series is rated at 8.4 points. Almost all reviews from critics are positive, with rare exceptions. Mostly people criticize a plot that lacks believability.
  • Samuel West is the grandson of the famous actor Lockwood West. His parents Timothy and Prunella also starred in films, but no one has reached such heights as Samuel. He is so passionate about books that after graduating from Alleyn School he entered Lady Margaret’s College, and then graduated from Oxford University with a degree in English literature.
  • Anna Madeley recently starred in the TV series “Patrick Melrose“, opposite Benedict Cumberbatch on set. It was this TV show that made the actress more recognizable.
  • Nicholas Ralph’s fee was $ 100,000 for the entire 1st season. Now the actor receives 50 thousand dollars per episode. The rest of the actors receive less: Samuel West 150 thousand per season, Anna Madeley – 80 thousand.
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All Creatures Great and Small Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1September 15, 2022
3x02Series 2September 22, 2022
3x03Series 3September 29, 2022
3x04Series 4October 6, 2022
3x05Series 5October 13, 2022
3x06Series 6October 20, 2022

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