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Amazing good man James Herriot continues to save animals and make the world a better place with his actions. A responsible approach to life allows him to achieve success at work, but the obstinate boss throws difficult tasks for him. Experience, perseverance and help from relatives allow James to develop, and the audience follows his new adventures…

“All Creatures Great and Small ss 4”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the TV show “All Creatures Great and Small” was discussed even before the release of the previous season. The exact release date for the new episodes is still unknown, but it is worth noting that the previous three seasons were released in the same month — September. Therefore, with a high degree of probability, the premiere of the season 4 will take place, already by tradition, in September, but in 2023.

Recall that the picture is a remake of the TV series of the same name, released in 1978. Then the project lasted 12 years, during which the audience saw 7 seasons.


Even when James Harriot did not have a chance to connect his life with animals, he lived with his parents and tried to take care of his own health. The father insisted that the guy find a suitable male business and not dream of working as a veterinarian. But James is adamant. Only life’s difficulties and the realization of his own worthlessness make Harriot think about another way to earn money.

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But at the most crucial moment, the man receives news from distant Yorkshire — a famous doctor needs James as an assistant. Having collected things and small savings, he sets off on a long journey. At the last moment, James is lost in an unfamiliar area and only at the cost of great efforts does he manage to find the house where his employer lives.

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Siegfried Farnon is a first-class veterinarian, but so flighty that no one wants to work with him. The exception is his housekeeper, Mrs Hall. When James shows up on their doorstep, Siegfried abruptly sends him back. He doesn’t think he needs help, but Mrs Hall insists Farnon give the guy a chance.

Frame from the TV show

Very quickly, Farnon realizes how much James makes his job easier. He can send him alone for a simple treatment, and sometimes the guy is able to surprise even such an experienced specialist as Siegfried. In these places, no one wants to spoil relations with Farnon, and Siegfried easily takes advantage of his position and often refuses to help those who were rude to him.

The main figures of treatment are livestock: horses, goats, cows and other animals. Thanks to the efforts of Harriot, people began to treat the eccentric Siegfried with understanding. In fact, a man is also a lot nervous because he is not allowed to rest — for a hundred miles they will not find another such professional.

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They are soon joined by the brother of Siegfried, whose experience can also help in working with animals. Mrs. Hall will never allow a major quarrel between men — she masterfully controls the situation and knows the approach to each of them. Such a friendly company they have, ready to save any patient for a hundred miles around. But how long will those around them be able to get along with Siegfried, with the departure of which one can always count on Harriot’s help?

Actors and their roles

  • James Herriot — an active, balanced guy; loves animals and is ready to work with them all his life; impressed by the work of such an intelligent person as Siegfried; upon arrival in foreign lands, he immediately set to work; before moving he had a good theory, and in a new place he got practice and new friends — Nicholas Ralph.
  • Siegfried Farnon — able to break the law if it helps in his affairs; hates it when people turn to him with requests after hours, but this happens so often that Siegfried loses his patience; refuses to take an assistant until Mrs. Hall begins to insist on it — Samuel West.
  • Mrs Hall — became an agitator for the arrival of Harriot, because she understood that her owner immediately needed to find a replacement; she has worldly wisdom, female cunning and skillfully uses these qualities to manipulate men at her own discretion — Anna Madeley.
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Interesting Facts

  1. After the release of the season 1, aggregator sites were full of reviews about the implausible plot, nevertheless, the average score of the picture was firmly at around 7.5 points. After the release of the season 3, the rating increased by another 0.6 points. The original TV show received similar ratings at one time.
  2. For Nicholas Ralph, the TV show became the first serious project, and for a long time he did not accept offers to act in parallel in other projects — he was too focused on the role of a veterinarian. In 2021, before the filming of the season 2, he took part in the film “Prey for the Devil”, which was released on October 26, 2022. Ralph also had a small role in “The Most Reluctant Convert” drama film released in November 2021.
  3. The events of the TV series capture approximately the 1930s-1940s. At that time, farming in the UK was a lucrative way to make money, and almost everyone kept some kind of living creature in their home. Then the need for experienced veterinarians was at its maximum.

All Creatures Great and Small Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1September 2023
4x02Series 2September 2023
4x03Series 3September 2023
4x04Series 4September 2023
4x05Series 5September 2023
4x06Series 6September 2023

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