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Thanks to beautifully designed real events, the TV series “American Crime Story” has not lost its appeal in the eyes of the audience for several seasons. Fates of other people, which have been on everyone’s lips for many years, are now filmed into a full-fledged TV show. What does the public like so much? What story will touch the hearts of the audience this time?

“American Crime Story ss 4”: release date, announcement

There is no limit to the joy of fans of the TV show “American Crime Story”. The season 3 show has not yet been completed, as information has appeared on the network that director Ryan Murphy is preparing viewers for season 4. It is also known that the main theme will be the legendary “Studio 54” nightclub in New York.

There is no information about the exact release date of new episodes yet. But, most likely, the premiere will not take place before the fall of 2023. We are waiting for official news.


The first season of the TV show talked about O. J. Simpson, accused of the ex-wife’s murder. Thanks to a close friendship with Robert Kardashian, a lawyer with colossal experience, Simpson escaped justice. The trial of O. J. Simpson to this day is considered the longest in California, but the football star was able to avoid the main thing — the death penalty. And although Simpson subsequently had problems with the law several times, beat people and this was known to the general public, the worst judgment in his life ended successfully.

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Gianni Versace was a great fashion designer. Only those who have no idea about the world of haute couture will disagree with this statement. Having a career, a beloved sister, a husband is not happiness? Unfortunately, he was shot on the doorstep of his own home. The killer was quickly found, it turned out to be a guy who claimed to have had a sexual relationship with a fashion designer.

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Frame from the TV show (season 3)

Even before the police found him, he had already killed himself. By doing this, the killer robbed the Versace family of the opportunity to get even with him. Donatella was desperate, but she had to gather strength to continue her brother’s business. It is known that Versace was not the first, but the last victim of a criminal. So the second season ended.

Season 3 featured a 1998 sex scandal that nearly ruined the career of Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States. His affair with Monica Lewinsky became public, and at that time he was in a relationship with Hillary, with whom he raised their daughter. With difficulty, it was possible to prove that Monica’s words are attempts by competitors to get rid of Bill.

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Prior to the release of Season 3, it was announced that the story would focus on disasters from natural disasters and would be titled “The Great Deluge”. But the script was postponed indefinitely and “Impeachment” about Bill Clinton was released.

Actors and their roles

  • O. J. Simpson — phenomenal footballer who was previously accused of beating his wife; after the divorce, they found her body with an almost severed head, and next to her — her murdered lover, at that time there were two children upstairs; escaped the death penalty but was never able to change his bad reputation — Cuba Gooding Jr.
  • Andrew Cunanan — known as a serial killer who killed at least 5 people; the last was Gianni Versace, after which Andrew shot himself; the guy claimed that they knew each other and had a close relationship, but according to the police, the motive for the crime was a hostility to Cunanan’s homophobia — Darren Criss.
  • Bill Clinton — one of the most popular presidents in US history; famous for his kindness; forged America’s relationship with neighboring countries; made many economic deals useful to his people; married to Hillary Clinton; was accused of having an affair with trainee Monica Lewinsky, and later acquitted for lack of evidence — Clive Owen.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Some stories have been filmed based on books. For example, the story of a soccer player is described in Jeffrey Toobin’s short story “The Run of His Life”, which details the trial. The death of the fashion designer is described by author Maureen Orth in her bestseller “Vulgar Favors: Andrew Cunanan, Gianni Versace, and the Largest Failed Manhunt in U.S. History”.
  2. At the 5th Critics’ Choice Television Awards, “American Crime Story” TV project won the “Most Exciting New Series” nomination.
  3. Sarah Paulson won “Best Actress” at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. At the same time, Season 1 won the “Best Miniseries or Television Film” nomination.
  4. During the existence of the TV show, the most awards went to Sarah Paulson. The woman was so revealed in a dramatic role that at any ceremony she certainly took at least one award. The last was the victory at the 32nd TCA Awards for “Individual Achievement in Drama”.
  5. After playing a serial killer, Darren Criss turned down roles for a year.

American Crime Story Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 12023
4x02Series 22023
4x03Series 32023
4x04Series 42023
4x05Series 52023
4x06Series 62023
4x07Series 72023
4x08Series 82023
4x09Series 92023
4x10Series 102023

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