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Stan Smith is an employee of the CIA, on whose account many successfully performed operations, as well as merits before the homeland. At first glance, he is an exemplary agent and a fine family man, but only the closest people know what is going on in the mind of such a self-deprecating man.

When will the animated series “American Dad Season 16” come out?

Continuation of the animated series “American Dad” is scheduled for April 15, 2019. Spectators are waiting for new adventures with their favorite characters, which have been going on for 13 years.

Recall that the part 2 of the season 15 is scheduled to be shown on February 11, 2019.


Despite the boundless faith in the Fatherland and his own family, Stan very often violates the rules. On one of the tasks, he met an alien Roger, who was placed with his family. Roger – a fan of disguises, so often appears in the most unexpected images.

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He also enjoys driving a bar in Stan’s attic and does not bother him at all that there are underage children in the house. The youngest child in the family is Steve. The boy has a lot of complexes, he fights for his right to be the coolest guy in school, but every series is increasingly disgraced.

His three friends are just as unlucky as himself. But Steve has his pluses – he’s good at learning that saves him in difficult situations. Haley is Stan’s daughter. For a long time, he is building a relationship with a drug addict who was even brought into the house.

The mother of the family, Francine, indulges the whims of her husband and children. But sometimes this state of affairs bothers her and she thinks up new things for herself to distract herself from others. Most often he talks with the aquarium fish Klaus, who used to be an Aryan military and is still dreaming of destroying his past enemies.

A shot from the animated series

Together they are a real family. They are not afraid of any troubles, because they are confident of supporting each other. Let it sometimes be difficult to get used to different interests and opinions, but each series they come to a compromise, which makes them a real American family.

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Actors of scoring

  1. Klaus, an aquarium fish with a criminal past, hopes to recover his human body and take revenge on his enemies – Dee Bradley Baker.
  2. Francine, a wonderful housewife, loving mother and wife, is capable of any sacrifice for the sake of the family – Wendy Shaal.
  3. Haley, leads a detached life, does not like to interact with others – Rachel McFarlane.
  4. Steve, a loser, even his father always tells him about it – Scott Grimes.
  5. Stan, the head of the family, sometimes becomes a support, and sometimes – the cause of global trouble – Seth MacFarlane.
  6. Roger, a real egoist, he does not care even for the family in which he lives, constantly finds new adventures – Seth MacFarlane.

Interesting Facts

  1. Alien Roger and the son of the protagonist spend most of the airtime together. Thus, the writers made an epic reference to Captain America from the comic book “Marvel”, whose real name is Steve Rogers.
  2. The actor of scoring Seth McFarlane is considered the father of the animated series. On his account there are other well-known animated pictures: “Griffins”, “Cleveland Show”. Recently released the film “A million ways to lose your head” with his participation.
  3. On May 1, 2005, the first series of the animated series was released on FOX. Less than a year later there were CDs with “American Papa”, which were sold in record numbers for several years.
  4. MacFarlane admits that the ratings remain stable, so the closure of the cartoon is still out of the question.
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American Dad Season 16: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
16x01Series 1April 15, 2019
16x02Series 2April 22, 2019
16x03Series 3April 29, 2019
16x04Series 4May 6, 2019
16x05Series 5May 13, 2019
16x06Series 6May 20, 2019
16x07Series 7May 27, 2019
16x08Series 8June 3, 2019
16x09Series 9June 10, 2019
16x10Series 10June 17, 2019

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