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Shadow Moon is a strange name for an African American. But it just so happened that this is the name of a brutal guy who is winding off a sentence in prison. Every day in captivity, he dreamed that he would be released and spend time with his beloved woman. But life turned out differently. A couple of days before his release, Shadow learns that his wife is dying in a car accident. It would seem that life has been destroyed. But a casual fellow traveler changes the former jailer’s idea of the familiar world…

“American Gods ss 4”: release date, announcement

The amazing world of gods, worship and adventure featured on the TV show “American Gods” will continue, no doubt about it. While the exact date of the season 4 premiere has not been announced, there is a lot of discussion on the Internet about this happy day for the fans of the series. Most likely, season 4 of “American Gods” will take place towards the end of 2022, because the break between the previous seasons was about 2 years.

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The news of the terrible event did not become a nightmare for Shadow Moon. All the worst awaited him ahead. After being released from prison, the man gets on a plane in which he meets a strange elderly fellow traveler. An hour earlier, this stranger had misled an airport employee by posing as a forgetful old man. Thus, he was able to get a place in the first class. Shadow was put there too.

The ensuing conversation made Shadow think about the identity of his fellow traveler. He introduced himself Wednesday, in honor of the day they met, and offered to work for himself. At first, the main character refused, but soon realized that he was dealing with something strange. Unrealistic events began to occur that made Shadow reflect on the true nature of his employer.

Having barely made it to his wife’s funeral, the guy learns the terrible truth. The sweet wife of Shadow, whom he loved with all his heart, died while having oral sex with his best friend. The wife of that friend at the funeral said that she guessed about the connection, but she never could have thought that her best friend would set her up like that. Moreover, at the time of death, the genitals of Shadow’s friend were found in her mouth. The shocking details made Moon look differently at his wife and her deceitful appearance.

Frame from the TV show

He had to urgently look for work and provide for himself. Wednesday’s proposal came in handy, but Shadow also needed to work properly. So he ended up in a funeral home. New life often distracted him, and how can he stay in one place when angry gods are scurrying around everywhere. Wednesday has too many enemies that Shadow constantly has to deal with. Soon, these enemies grow closer and Moon is forced into hiding.

Now Shadow knows things that previously seemed to him only speculation. It turns out that the world is divided into new and old gods who compete with each other. The human essence is so rotten that the younger generation can easily take advantage of it. But the old gods do not want to retire either. Wednesday is convinced that he can stay with people for a long time. But how long will his life last?

Actors and their roles

  • Mr. Wednesday – god of the old world; decides to strike up a conversation with Shadow on the plane, and then ties in with him, wanting to offer a job; achieves his goal by any means, but in the end the enemies overtake him – Ian McShane.
  • Shadow Moon – African American; served time in prison, after which he went to the funeral of his wife, who was cheating on him with his best friend; worked on Wednesday until his death; tried to hide from the new gods who threaten him with reprisals – Ricky Whittle.
  • Bilquis – goddess of the old world; able to personify love; eats people after intercourse, sending them to her crotch; the longer she remains without a lover, the worse she looks and feels; like other gods, she needs the faith and worship of people – Yetide Badaki.
  • Laura Moon – Shadow’s deceased wife .; a year after her husband was imprisoned, Laura began to cheat on him with another man; wanted to throw her husband a party to celebrate his release from prison, but died that day; protected him even after death; she was revived by the coin that Shadow threw on the grave on the day of her funeral – Emily Browning.

Interesting Facts

  1. The only Emmy award went to Gillian Anderson, star of “The X-Files” TV series. She appeared on Season 1 of the show “American Gods” as Goddess Media. After there were many nominations, but they all went to third-party TV shows.
  2. Like any long-running project, “American Gods” show had some scandals. So, in December 2019, it was announced that the actor Orlando Jones, who plays Mr. Nancy, had been fired from the project. Jones blamed showrunner Charles Eglee for this. In fact, it turned out that the contract with Orlando Jones was not renewed for a simple reason: his character is not present in the part of the book that became the basis for the TV adaptation.

American Gods Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1the end of 2022
4x02Series 2the end of 2022
4x03Series 3the end of 2022
4x04Series 4the end of 2022
4x05Series 5the end of 2022
4x06Series 6the end of 2022
4x07Series 7the end of 2022
4x08Series 8the end of 2022
4x09Series 9the end of 2022
4x10Series 10the end of 2022

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