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How many horror stories exist at the present time, but there is always one that is most terrifying. After the successful release of the TV show “American Horror Story“, which is a spin-off of the project, the producers found a great story — it was the plot about the murder house, which was first shown on FX in 2011. That’s when the real nightmare started…

“American Horror Stories ss 3”: release date, announcement

The wild, all-consuming sequel to the TV show “American Horror Stories” hasn’t been announced. The rating of the picture remains at around 6 points out of 10 for 2 seasons in a row, so work on the season 3 is not yet underway. Everything will be decided by the producers of the TV series.


Scarlett moves into a new home with her fathers Michael and Troy. He has a terrible reputation — all the previous tenants disappeared or died a painful death. Deciding to turn the place into a profitable project, Michael and Troy set about renovating it. At this time, Scarlett is experiencing teenage problems associated with falling in love with a classmate Maya.

One day, the fathers find cruel scenes on the girl’s computer that border on violence. They are worried and try to let the girl know that this is not normal. But Scarlett does not want to listen to them, because they climb into her personal life without asking. She often comes across a latex suit, which Scarlett tries on and enjoys while doing it.

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At school, Maya invites Scarlett to a pajama party with her friends. Inspired by feelings, Scarlett does not notice the catch. In reality, the girls decided to play a trick on her and are preparing a cruel prank. While Scarlett confesses her fantasies to Maya, she records everything on a video camera and broadcasts online.


Frame from the TV show

After learning about her shame, Scarlett returns home, puts on a latex suit. Then she calls Maya and says that if she and her friends do not arrive immediately, then Scarlett will commit suicide and will definitely leave a note indicating who is to blame. The girls decide to listen to her. And… they die in the basement of the killer house a few hours later.

Scarlett herself hides the fact of the murder, and later she meets a ghost named Ruby. Realizing her affection for Ruby, even after the next move, Scarlett comes to this house, and later becomes its owner, whose soul is forever united with Ruby.

As for the spin-off, we can conclude that its concept was to show a separate story in each season. In the TV show “American Horror Stories”, each new episode contains a new story, even if sometimes they overlap with each other.

Actors and their roles

  • Scarlett — a young schoolgirl in love with a girl; is led to deceit, after which she decides to kill the offenders in the basement of her own house; starts a long-term relationship with a ghost; is excited by watching violent scenes, but is embarrassed to talk about it to others — Sierra McCormick.
  • Maya — Scarlett’s classmate; tries to ingratiate herself with her when she sees that Scarlett does not take her eyes off her; invites Scarlett to her house to humiliate her in front of all viewers of the broadcast; dies from a knife in the basement with her friends — Paris Jackson.
  • Troy — Scarlett’s father; when the girl was 3 years old, he was attacked by a woman who stole a car with a 3-year-old daughter in the cabin, is still experiencing this moment, although a week later Scarlett was found unharmed; inspired by the idea of ​​home remodeling — Gavin Creel.
  • Michael — Scarlett’s father; optimistic, supports her husband in all endeavors; concerned about the behavior of his daughter, who now and then gets into trouble; treats his spouse with care and tries not to offend him — Matt Bomer.
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Interesting Facts

  1. In real life, Matt Bomer is indeed a gay man who has been hiding the details of his personal life for a long time. Only in 2012, when it became impossible to hide the fact of having three children, did he admit that he had been in a relationship with publicist Simon Halls for many years. Children are born from a surrogate mother.
  2. The film began production in May 2020 under the direction of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, but the outbreak of the coronavirus forced them to temporarily put the project on hold. The pilot episode only aired on July 15, 2021 on FX, and later became a Hulu exclusive.
  3. Manny Coto, executive producer and showrunner for the final season of the TV series “Star Trek: Enterprise”, has agreed to write the first two seasons of the TV show “American Horror Stories”. Showrunners Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk helped him in this, as well as Crystal Liu, a former screenwriter of the project’s spin-off.
  4. The season 1 finale, like its two first episodes, tells the same story related to the murder house. The rest of the episodes are more off topic.
  5. Sarah Paulson was originally chosen as the director of the project, but during the epidemic, she agreed to participate in another project and was busy by the start of filming. Since the producers were pressed for time, the idea of ​​hiring Sarah had to be abandoned.
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American Horror Stories Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1not announced
3x02Series 2not announced
3x03Series 3not announced
3x04Series 4not announced
3x05Series 5not announced
3x06Series 6not announced
3x07Series 7not announced
3x08Series 8not announced

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