American Horror Story season 8

The pilot issues of the American horror story first appeared on TV screens in 2011. An interesting project, impregnated with the spirit of mysticism and presented in the form of terrible stories and urban legends, instantly chained the attention of a multi-million audience.
Now the exact release date of the American horror story of the 8th season has become known to Russian fans of the series. The premiere is scheduled for September 12, 2018.

Thanks to the consistently high ratings, the series has received repeated continuation, and now fans are interested when the American horror story 8 season appears. One of the creators of the project: producer Bradley Booker said in an official interview that work in this direction is already under way and even announced an approximate release date, but more about this later.
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Interesting facts American horror story 8 season

“American horror story”, the output of season 8 will continue the story about mysterious and inexplicable phenomena that can cause shudders and plunge into fear. Moreover, the series itself has a history filled with interesting facts. Do you know that:

American Horror Story

Reflecting on the plot of the fifth season of the series, the producers conducted their own investigation of the mysterious phenomena that occurred in the hotel complexes of Los Angeles. Some of these stories formed the basis of the plot.

The American Clown Association filed an official complaint against the series. The essence of the claim: in the plot, clowns are represented by monstrous maniacs, which develops the fear of people in front of representatives of this profession.

The House of Harmons exists in reality, and here the first episodes of the series were filmed. Subsequently, the shooting was moved to the studio. Stevie Nicks got a role thanks to rumors that she is a real witch. Each screensaver has a certain meaning, which is revealed in the course of the narrative. In addition, all the released seasons are interconnected and this thread will be subsequently disclosed to the audience.

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American Horror Story

The storyline of the television series The American Horror Story

The previous seasons already acquainted the viewer with the mystical inhabitants of the old mansion, the journalistic investigation, the circus of freaks and the witches’ coven. American horror story Season 8, the release date of which is already known, will continue the chain of mystical secrets and chilling events. Here we will talk about a married couple experiencing a crisis.

After the betrayal of her husband, the husband decides to save the family, but to change the place of residence. Young people rent luxury old apartments, where they enthusiastically begin to twist the family nest.

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Soon they realize that they are faced with inexplicable phenomena and clearly feel the emanations of evil in the rooms. In order to cope with the situation, the spouses need to find out the reasons for the frightening events, but this is not so easy as it seems at first glance.

According to an official interview published in one of the foreign sources, the producers of the series announced when the continuation would appear.

American Horror Story season 8 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
8x01Series 1September 12, 2018
8x02Series 2September 19, 2018
8x03Series 3September 26, 2018
8x04Series 4October 3, 2018
8x05Series 5October 10, 2018
8x06Series 6October 17, 2018
8x07Series 7October 24, 2018
8x08Series 8October 31, 2018
8x09Series 9November 7, 2018
8x10Series 10November 14, 2018

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