American Vandal Season 3


Not the most exemplary student from a senior school institution in Hannover was severely criticized by the police and local teachers. In attempts to prove the truth, his comrade, who is confident in the innocence of a friend, is taking action.

When will the series “American Vandal Season 3” come out?

Unfortunately, according to some data, it became known that the Netflix channel closed the project after two seasons. Guide refused to give reasons.


Dylan Maxwell was never an example for other schoolchildren, as his actions usually went beyond the bounds of normal behavior. He is able to paint a childbearing organ on the wall of the most crowded building and considers such an act truly gay.

When on a warm March afternoon the teachers were heading for the parking lot where the teachers’ cars were parked, what they saw plunged them into shock – each car was painted with penises. More than 25 cars were injured at the hands of an unknown person.

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The first suspicions immediately fell on Dylan. To the search for the guilty, the police, who, just like the teacher, came to the conclusion that the act of vandalism was committed by Maxwell. But the guy does not agree with the accusations and claims that he has an alibi.

Adults do not take the words of a teenager for the truth, so they tend to conclude that the young bandit is guilty of what happened. And only the friend of the accused does not agree with the opinion of the others. Peter firmly believes that Dylan would not have dared to take such a disgusting step. Now he is trying his best to find the guilty and whitewash the reputation of an unlucky friend.

The second season already tells about another school and new students. The best detective among young talents Peter Maldonaldo will also remain with the audience and will perform his usual functions as a fighter for justice.

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Shot from the series

Actors and their roles

  • Dylan Maxwell, a high school student who has now committed bad deeds, refuses to admit blame for the cars of his teachers, but given his past actions, adults refuse to believe him – Jimmy Tatro.
  • Peter Maldonado – a friend of Dylan, decided to independently investigate the case of artistic pornography on the machines of teachers, fully convinced of the innocence of the comrade and tries to convince the surrounding – Tyler Avares.

Interesting Facts

  1. The genre of the picture is mocumentaries. The main idea of ​​the series is the influence of publicity on human destiny. This topic is relevant in everyday life.
  2. The series is a parody of a detective serial warrior “Making a Murderer”, from which many characters were taken.
  3. Tony Yatsenda became the director of the first and second seasons. Whether he will stay for the third season – while remains unknown. Given the rating of the picture, it is unlikely that the creators will decide on the dramatic changes at the peak of their fame.
  4. For a long time, the creators could not decide on the music and sorted out all the new composers, but almost before the release of the picture, the choice fell on Darien Shulman, who has already selected musical masterpieces for the series for several seasons.
  5. After the release of the first season, a video article on Netflix posted an article stating that the series “American Vandal” is in great demand with the viewer. For 2017-2018, this picture is in the top five of the best series released by this channel in the coming years and captures the colossal scale of the audience.
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American Vandal Season 3 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1closed
3x02Series 2closed
3x03Series 3closed
3x04Series 4closed
3x05Series 5closed
3x06Series 6closed
3x07Series 7closed
3x08Series 8closed
3x09Series 9closed
3x10Series 10closed

American Vandal

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