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Anne Boonchuy was willing to do anything for friendship. And when her friends asked to steal a box from an antique store, the girl decided to do it without hesitation. Anne herself was ashamed of such actions, but she wanted to please her friends. The plans of her friends were not destined to come true – having opened the box, Anne moved to an unfamiliar place where talking frogs live…

“Amphibia ss 3”: release date, announcement

Our little viewers will have to wait a bit for the sequel to the exciting animated series “Amphibia”. Because creating a quality project requires at least one year of productive work. And do not forget about the coronavirus, which can again affect the director’s plans.

p.s. Official: Season 3 of the animated TV series “Amphibia” will air on October 2, 2021.

In the series, friendship is in the foreground, which is indicative. Anne and Sprig are only at first glance different, because they have the same concept of honor and dignity.


Anne always dreamed of finding loyal and faithful friends, but for her peers, the concept of friendship has always been something superficial. While Anne grabbed every opportunity to find friends for herself, those around her simply took advantage of it. So this time. The girl did not see the catch and decided to fulfill the request of the newly made friends – Anne decided to steal from the store.

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Pulling the box out into the street, the girls decided to open it. It turned out to be a portal to another dimension. Only instead of entering it on their own, people are being dragged in against their will. Waking up in an unfamiliar place, Anne quickly meets the frog, Sprig, and his adorable family. They settle her at home and Anne begins a completely different life.

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While Anne was away, Sprig also dreamed of a friend, just like the girl. After persuading her grandfather, Hop Pop, to let Anne live with them, Sprig helped her find her way back, and the girl enjoyed spending time in a wonderful company. Sprig and Anne now solved all problems together, because they felt like real friends.

Frame from the TV show

Various adventures are constantly waiting for the heroes. First, Anne will want to bake pizza at a local competition, then they will go swimming in the lake where the monster lives … But the most important events lie ahead, because they have enemies that at first they did not even know about. Only further events will make friends think that Anne will soon leave Sprig and go through the mountains to her world.

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At the moment when the box opened, Anne only thought that she was alone in the world of talking frogs. In fact, her friends also succumbed to the effects of the portal and they were in various parts of this huge frog country. Soon, Anne will meet with everyone and understand who is her real friend…

Main characters and voice actors

  • Anne – a 13-year-old girl who entered the world of amphibians after stealing a mysterious box from an antique store; dreamed of friendship and only in the world of frogs found a devoted friend in the person of Sprig; Anne loves to have fun and constantly encourages Sprig to adventure – Brenda Song.
  • Sprig – a frog who fights with his grandfather, who convinced his grandson that he was irresponsible; Sprig dreamed of a friend, but after the appearance of Anne, he immediately realized that she was the very person with whom he would be comfortable; Sprig is ready for any adventure, he will always help out of trouble – Justin Felbinger.
  • Hop Pop – Sprig and Polly’s grandfather; very suspicious, he sees criminals and conspirators everywhere; constantly trying to seem younger than he really is; loves grandchildren and endows them with boundless care, which puts a lot of pressure on them – Bill Farmer.
  • Polly – Sprig’s sister; brave, constantly showing everyone her capabilities; carries himself in a child’s bucket; for candy is ready to go for anything – Amanda Leighton.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Disney Channel considers the animated series “Amphibia” the most successful project after “Gravity Falls”, but viewers do not agree with this decision. Still, the mysterious aura over the town, where twins are blowing everywhere chaos, seems better than the unshakable expanses of frog paradise. Who knows, maybe season 3 will turn viewers’ opinions upside down?
  2. Justin Felbinger, during the scoring of season 2, was faced with the fact that his voice changed due to growing up. They had to use a sound engineer who, after recording Felbinger’s voice, processed the sound and made his voice similar to the one in Season 1. Perhaps in Season 3, the writers will figure out how to make Sprig older. This will explain the change in his voice.
  3. Brenda Song managed to voice the main role and from time to time she helped in the voice acting of the minor characters. Until now, small roles of voice acting go to her – she masterfully knows how to change her voice.

Amphibia Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1October 2, 2021
3x02Series 2October 9, 2021
3x03Series 3October 16, 2021
3x04Series 4October 23, 2021
3x05Series 5October 30, 2021
3x06Series 6November 6, 2021
3x07Series 7November 13, 2021
3x08Series 8November 20, 2021
3x09Series 9November 27, 2021
3x10Series 10December 4, 2021

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