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Who is Angeline? For many years, her American fans have asked similar questions, but she was able to hide her secrets and keep the public in the dark. “Angelyne” tells the story of a flamboyant lady who managed to put up banners with her image all over Los Angeles, without doing anything for which she could be remembered…

“Angelyne ss 2”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the biographical TV show “Angelyne” has not been officially announced. However, the very high ratings of the season 1 indicate one thing: the TV series was well received by the audience. So does it make sense for them to close the project after the release of only one season? According to film critics, the continuation will be released and, presumably, in the spring of 2023, if the filming of new episodes will begin as early as June 2022.


80s. In one popular bar, the band Baby Blue often performed. The public loved them, but this did not bring brilliant success. The maximum circulation of sold-out discs was no more than a thousand copies. One day one of the band members, Cory Hunt, noticed a charming lady in the hall. Her style was different from the rest of the girls, so the beauty stood out noticeably from their background.

Cory was very impressed — Barbie herself was sitting in front of him. Blond hair, delicate manners, frankly bright outfit, catchy makeup — at first he thought that this was one of the easily accessible ladies that a man forgets the next day. But Angelyne was different. And even though she looked frank, the girl never let him into her apartment after 22.00.

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Cory was ready for anything to make Angelyne his wife, a man in love even gave her an expensive car. But the girl did not need marriage. Angelyne soon decided that she wanted to sing in a band. It did not bring any changes in terms of popularity, and even the half-naked covers of new albums are not of interest to the public. This was of little concern to Angelyne, because the stage was not her final destination on the way to the goal.

Frame from the TV show

Soon the first difficulties arose between Angelyne and Cory. Deciding not to focus on relationships, the girl leaves him and goes her own way. And then endless billboards appear all over Los Angeles, on which the girl poses in the most revealing outfits.

The locals begin to question her talents and accomplishments. But no one finds any confirmation of her merits. Then in 2015, journalist Jeff Glaser decides to interview the most mysterious lady of the past century. After a long silence, Angelyne decides to have a meeting where she herself will choose the duration, questions and topics for conversations of the upcoming interview. Deciding that this is a great chance to tell the world about a stranger, Jeff goes to the appointed place. This is how the veil of Angelyne’s secrets opens, and many finally begin to realize the reasons why the bright girl never wanted to talk about her past…

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The TV show either takes us to the distant past, or sends us to the future. Scenes from Angelyne’s life are shown both from her own words and from the words of those with whom she was once close…

Actors and their roles

  • Angelyne — a bright blonde who wants to become famous at any cost; for this, she became the lead singer of Corey Hunt’s group, but then she realized that this did not bring her the desired results and changed her hobby; Barbie and Marilyn Monroe are her idols; drives around Los Angeles in a pink car given to her by Corey — Emmy Rossum.
  • Cory Hunt — member of Baby Blue; fell in love with Angelyne, but never managed to capture her heart; according to him, he broke up with her after she saw his image on a billboard without her participation; according to Angelyne, she left the guy when she caught him in bed with another woman, and then met him only once — Philip Ettinger.
  • Jeff Glaser — a journalist who, with all the meticulousness, approached the clarification of secret facts in the biography of Angelyne; found out her real name, origin and information about early marriage, but did not find reliable information about who paid for numerous billboards around the city with her image — Alex Karpovsky.
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Interesting Facts

  1. After the popular TV series “Shameless“, where Emmy Rossum played the role of Fiona, the actress decided to go into directing and even participated in the creation of several episodes. But this did not bring great success and she returned to the frame again. Filming in the TV show “Angelyne” Emmy began a couple of months after the birth of her daughter.
  2. For Alex Karpovsky TV series became the 71st project in his filmography. He previously starred in “The Vanishing of Sidney Hall”, “Girls”, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, “Love”, and the TV series “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, which brought him international fame and critical acclaim.
  3. The TV show is based on real events dedicated to a woman who did not want to tell the people the truth about her past. A journalistic investigation revealed that Angelyne is a Polish woman who emigrated with her parents and sister to Israel and then to Los Angeles. Angelyne herself calls these arguments a lie.
  4. In early 2022, Emmy Rossum announced that she would star in the new project “The Crowded Room” starring Tom Holland, Amanda Seyfried and Jason Isaacs. The actress admits that she is waiting for an invitation to shoot in the season 2 of the TV show “Angelyne”, by which time the work in “The Crowded Room” will be completed.

Angelyne Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 12023
2x02Series 22023
2x03Series 32023
2x04Series 42023
2x05Series 52023

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