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Joshua finds his mother, a drug addict, dead in the house. In desperation, having called the police, he realizes that he is not able to live alone. Then grandmother Janine, nicknamed Smurf, comes to the rescue and takes him to her house. Here he meets relatives who look like criminals. But it’s too late to refuse the proposed dwelling. Especially if you know the secrets of the bandits…

“Animal Kingdom ss 6”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the crime drama “Animal Kingdom” will take place on June 19, 2022. It is known that season 6 of the TV show will be the final one and will tell us how the fate of the surviving heroes will turn out.


Smurf’s strange attitude towards her sons puts Joshua on guard. He understands that there are conversations behind his back, but for some time he cannot make out what they are talking about. All this time, the inhabitants of the house argued whether it was possible to trust the newcomer with terrible secrets. After all, robbing banks and jewelry stores is not a joke, and it is better for outsiders not to know about it. As a result, they decide to check the guy.

In the meantime, the plan is being prepared, Joshua himself learns that the dealer knew about the quality of the drugs when he sold the dose to his mother. Indignant, he goes to the dealer and arranges a showdown. Unprepared to harm the person, Joshua leaves. He had one outlet left – this is his friend Nicky, to whom the guy went when it became difficult for him.

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Nicky quickly joined her boyfriend’s new family, but Joshua was embarrassed by this fact. He lost his mother to drug addiction, and when he arrived at Janine’s house, he was again drawn into it. In the first days of his stay here, he ran into a stranger, who turned out to be his uncle. Pope had just been released from prison and wanted to surprise the family. But when faced with Joshua, he was surprised himself.

Frame from the TV show

The boy’s mother was Pope’s twin and her death became a grief for the former prisoner. At the funeral, the neighbors asked Joshua to leave the new family, talking about how the mother tried to do everything possible to protect her son from them. She did not have enough strength, because the addictions were stronger. But the boy has already decided: he will live with Janine.

For 5 seasons, everything happened: the children of Smurf quarreled, made peace, built relationships with girls, eliminated the threat from the outside. But even Janine’s cancer couldn’t separate them from each other. Continuing the common cause, they were drowning in problems more and more, but they did everything together. What awaits us in Season 6? Will Joshua reconcile with Pope and who will be the head of the family?

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Actors and their roles

  • Joshua Cody – his family often calls him J; lost his mother at the age of 17 and came to Southern California to live with his grandmother and her grown sons; the guy is scared of the upcoming changes; at the beginning of the TV show, dated a girl, Nicky; at the start of season 6 was on bad terms with Pope – Finn Cole.
  • Baz – the most calm and reasonable member of the family; married, has a daughter; quickly believed in a new family member; does not give in to other people’s persuasion when it comes to risk; guilty that Pope went to jail; he was killed in the episode 1 of the season 3 – Scott Speedman.
  • Smurf – as the sons called Janine behind her back; has enjoyed absolute authority in the criminal world since the 1970s; strong in spirit; sends her own children to robbery, in the end they live with this money; closer to the finale, she fell ill with cancer and did not want to upset anyone with this news, so she hid the disease for a long time – Ellen Barkin.
  • Pope – before his imprisonment, he was the head of the Smurf’s gang, but upon his return, his mother did not want him to be involved in the affairs again and gave the police a reason to think that the Cody family was involved in something; Pope doesn’t listen to anyone, does his own thing, doesn’t care about the law; he is not afraid of prison or family disapproval, so he constantly does vile deeds – Shawn Hatosy.
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Interesting Facts

  1. In between filming, Finn Cole starred in the TV show “Peaky Blinders“. His hair was much shorter and each time he had to grow his hair out before filming “Animal Kingdom” began. It so happened that the actor had his hair cut once a year – before filming for “Peaky Blinders”.
  2. After the death of Baz, in which fans are not sure until now, a version appeared that he would still be seen in season 6 – the footage that speaks of the murder turned out to be too vague. No matter how many times Scott Speedman is asked in an interview about his return, he stubbornly remains silent.In 2020, he was spotted on the set of Season 5 alongside Finn Cole.
  3. Since 2016, Ellen Barkin has refused to participate in other film projects in favor of quiet filming in the TV series “Animal Kingdom”. Only in 2021, the film “Breaking News in Yuba County” appeared with her participation.

Animal Kingdom Season 6: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
6x01Series 1June 19, 2022
6x02Series 2June 26, 2022
6x03Series 3July 3, 2022
6x04Series 4July 10, 2022
6x05Series 5July 17, 2022
6x06Series 6July 24, 2022
6x07Series 7July 31, 2022
6x08Series 8August 7, 2022
6x09Series 9August 14, 2022
6x10Series 10August 21, 2022

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