Anime Free! Movie 3

The second part of the popular anime franchise about sports, the film studio Kyoto Animation created in 2017.

Release date anime Free! Movie 3 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held – October 28, 2017.
The full film title is Tokubetsuban Free! Take Your Marks.

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Splash! And splashes of water give a fountain your face and body – you are in the water, you live this element. Such thoughts probably visited Haruka Nanase, every time he indulged in his favorite hobby – swimming.

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On land, he continued to be the same shy young man and diligent student, but the water took off these chains and completely relaxed him, giving strength to new feats.

However, even this desire to swim could not give rise to a spirit of rivalry and a passion for adrenaline in the guy – he still did not participate in any school competitions and swam as usual with a freestyle, if not of course, one case that changed his life in the bud.

A guy named Rin Matsuoka who is also engaged in swimming is transferred to their school, but Rina’s blue dream is to become a real professional in this business. And that’s why he fires the fire of rivalry in Haruka, forcing to participate in local competitions, then in the relay race.

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But having achieved his leaving for Australia, throwing a friend with nothing. In this, of course, you can see the pathos end, but not here it was, after a while Matsuoka will return and then between the guys will break out completely uncomfortable feelings.

Anime Free! Movie 3 release date

NameRelease date
Anime Free! Movie 3October 28, 2017

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