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Spouses Samuel and Esther Mullins are going crazy with grief – their beloved seven-year-old daughter Annabelle hit a passing car. With difficulty losing the loss, the couple becomes participants in the paranormal, which are associated with their dead daughter. Only time will make it clear how wrong the parents were who sealed the spirit of the daughter in a porcelain doll.

When will the film “Annabelle 4” be released?

The continuation of the mystical thriller “Annabelle 4” was not officially announced, but the success of the franchise makes it clear that a new part is quite possible. However, it is known that as of June 2022, the film’s sequel is not being filmed. Therefore, the premiere of the film should not be expected before 2022.

In addition to the previous 3 parts of the film “Annabelle”, the picture is related to other works: “The Curse of La Llorona”, all parts of “The Conjuring”, “The Nun”.


Samuel Mullins earned his living by making dolls. He enjoyed his life exactly until Annabelle fell under the wheels of the car. From that moment on, the life of Esther and Samuel changed – the couple began to notice the oddities happening in their home. Without thinking twice, the couple decides that this is the spirit of the daughter wandering around the house. Then Sam wraps this spirit in a porcelain doll.

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At first, the couple get some peace, but this state lasts for a short time. Soon the Mullins understand what sin they committed – the doll is desperately looking for a man to move his soul into it. Now in the porcelain sculpture is the soul of a demon, and it is necessary to do everything possible not to let it out. They decide to create for the doll a kind of prison.

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Annabelle’s room had a wardrobe for a long time, which the couple had previously pasted inside with Bible pages. To get rid of the misfortunes that the doll is preparing, Sam and Esther decide to lock her in this closet. For greater confidence, the parents wish to bring the priest after this so that he can bless their home for further residence.

Frame from the film

The doll was quicker and was able to attract people to its side. Esther and Samuel were killed by the hands of those whom Annabelle subjugated. Thanks to the doll, horrendous crimes were accomplished – she mutilated people, threw her own houses from the balconies, poked her eyes out, forced me to do terrible things and eventually managed to move into the human body.

In the part 3, it seemed that Annabelle’s end was near and there would be no way back. But everything turned out to be much more difficult – even the best priests are unable to save the world from such evil. Perhaps the part 4 will be the final one and will be able to show the audience the worthy demise of Annabelle.

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Actors and their roles

  • Samuel – worked as a puppeteer; lost his 7-year-old daughter, after which he plunged into depression; he himself locked the devil in a porcelain doll, naively believing that it was his daughter’s spirit; he was killed after Annabelle was able to free himself from imprisonment with someone else’s hands – Anthony LaPaglia.
  • Esther – the mother of Annabelle, the wife of Samuel; together with her husband she experienced the death of her daughter; died at the hands of a demon whose spouses were imprisoned in a doll – Miranda Otto.
  • Annabelle – was originally the daughter of the Mullins, but after death took the form of a doll, then moved into the body of a girl who was sick with polio; cripples people, worships Satan – Samara Lee (as Mullins), Teresa Lynn O’Toole (as Janice).
  • Ed Warren – studying demonology; trying to seal the doll in a glass box, located in the house with artifacts – Patrick Wilson.
  • Lorraine – Ed’s wife, is also a demonologist; working on porcelain doll Annabelle – Vera Farmiga.

Interesting Facts

  1. At the premiere of the part 2 in Brazil, when the scene of the appearance of the demon girl was shown, one girl in the auditorium felt bad – she began to scream. Employees managed to pull her out of the hall only in her arms. The Brazilian woman made a hysterical ride on the floor in the hall and didn’t go to the film any more – an ambulance came for her and took the girl to the hospital.
  2. By the release of the third part of trying to attract the director David F. Sandberg, who worked on the previous film. His work was marked individually, but David decided to take a short break. Even if you are a brutal guy and never believed in ghosts, then such shooting can bring chaos into the minds of anyone.
  3. Critics spoke positively about each of the previous pictures. Unlike similar films, “Annabelle” collects the largest halls, brings considerable profit at the box office and is popular around the world. Infrequently pictures of exorcists are so popular.
  4. Miranda Otto was very happy to leave the project after her character was killed. Otto says that being on the set itself implies a constant belief that a real ghost or spirit will now appear. As an actress, Miranda takes everything to heart. She wore a cross around her neck with great enthusiasm and did not remove it even after the filming.
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Annabelle 4: Release Date

NumberSeries title
Annabelle 4not announced

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