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The amazing world of history opens before the eyes of the viewer and tells about the life of the second wife of Henry VIII — Anne Boleyn. A tough temper, the courage to appear different from everyone else, and the fate of the queen, full of tragedies — this has long been known from textbooks. Director Lynsey Miller showed how one of the greatest women in history lived when the whole world was against her…

“Anne Boleyn ss 2”: release date, announcement

The story of a strong, proud and courageous woman in the miniseries “Anne Boleyn” is told in full, so there is no need to wait for the continuation.


The events of the TV series unfold 5 months before the death of Queen Anne. Taking possession of the heart of Henry VIII by deceit, Anne longed for freedom for women and tried to take part in matters of politics and the church. In the circle of close advisers, the woman built new moves that helped her influence her husband’s decisions.

It did not last long. Henry dreamed of a son with passion at the time that Anne gave birth to his daughter. This was his second child, but the King needed an heir. Nothing worked for many years. When Anne did get pregnant, her husband gave her his care. But not for long she was able to hold out in the place of his beloved. Even before the birth of the child, a series of unpleasant events occurred.

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Henry VIII fell from his horse and injured his leg. As much as Anne tried to surround her husband with care, he only moved further away from her. He saw that Boleyn was unable to give birth to his heir — two miscarriages, followed by a stillbirth. He lost interest in Anne, and Henry decided to focus on how to annul his marriage to the woman who bore him a daughter. A second time.

Frame from the TV show

While the couple had an ambiguous relationship, Henry found himself a new favorite — Jane Seymour. Anne foresaw her husband’s interest in a young person, but no matter what actions she took, Henry VIII had the opportunity to spend time with his concubine. The stillbirth occurred on the very day Anne found Jane in her husband’s arms.

To shield himself from Boleyn’s influence, Henry accused his wife of witchcraft. Since the time when the marriage with his first wife Catherine of Aragon was declared annulled, the inhabitants of England considered the relationship of the king with Boleyn as “dancing on someone else’s bed” — at that time Anna did not hesitate to spend time in Henry’s bed, for which she was now paying.

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The fall was not news to her — everything went to the fact that the influence of her family on the Tudor dynasty was waning. But the most important thing she still managed to get. Her dream to be immortalized in the history of mankind has come true…

Actors and their roles

  • Anne Boleyn — Queen of England; second wife of Henry VIII, formerly his favorite; became the second woman to give birth to a daughter; had an impact on the political activities of England; defended women’s rights; she treated her servants well, especially when she began to lose credibility and found her husband in the arms of another passion — Jodie Turner-Smith.
  • Henry VIII — the king of England, who was concerned only with opinion of himself; in any marriage, his main goal was the birth of an heir, which was eventually given to him by Jane Seymour, while dying soon after giving birth — Mark Stanley.
  • Jane Seymour — the third consort of the king; was on good terms with Anne and stubbornly pretended not to understand what was happening at court, but Anne immediately saw her as a rival and was not surprised when she found out that Seymour was visiting Henry’s chambers in her absence — Lola Petticrew.

Interesting Facts

  1. After it became known that Anne would be played by a black woman, the audience was divided into 2 parts. The majority decided that the idea of ​​replacing the white queen with a black one was nothing more than oppression of the rights of white people. Others believe that the problem is in the heads of people who cannot imagine that Boleyn was black.
  2. On the Imdb, the show received a rating of 1.1 points, which was the lowest rating in the entire history of TV projects. Only after the negative votes were cleared, the TV series “Anne Boleyn” received 6.9 points, but the negative reviews remained. People are dissatisfied with the casting and vehemently express their dissatisfaction. 94% of negative reviews — these are the official figures.
  3. Thanks to Jodie Turner-Smith, positive viewers were able to watch the film to the end and appreciate the excellent work of the actress. Preserving the noblest qualities of her heroine, Jodie left another indelible imprint on the heart of the viewer. Previously, many viewers recalled her work on the TV show “Nightflyers” from screenwriter George Martin.
  4. The miniseries were filmed in historic county of Northern England — Yorkshire. The workflow lasted 6 weeks, from November to December 2020. The main locations were Castle Howard, Bolton Castle, Oakwell Hall and other significant and beautiful places of England.
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Anne Boleyn Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced

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