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The mysterious zone X for several decades was inaccessible. Nature has not left a single hint of the fact that in the past there was a huge number of people. Each expedition collected in this abandoned area, unexpectedly ended, without bringing any results to the researchers. Now the best minds are sent to study, who are sure that they will be able to endure any obstacles. This is the twelfth expedition and it is considered to be the last.

When Annihilation 2 will come out?

The film Annihilation is based on the first novel of the Southern Reach trilogy by Jeff VanderMeer. Despite this, project director Alex Garland has no plans to turn the other two books into films. This is his final opinion. Garland has completed the task and goes further. Can another director take on the part 2 of the film? Theoretically, yes, but there is no reliable information about this.

Plot of the movie

The first expedition, trapped in the mystical zone, returned intact, reporting on the region’s beautiful data and its wonderful relief. Annihilation-part-2The second, for unknown reasons, did not leave anyone alive, leaving traces of suicide for each member of the group. The third one ended with the participants shooting each other. In the eleventh attempt to recognize the secrets of the X-zone, everyone suffered, having died within a few months from a cancerous tumor.

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The current expedition consists of four brave women who left their names and the past life behind – the best scientists, each of whom travels for personal reasons, without revealing the real truth to anyone.

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The topographer, psychologist, anthropologist and biologist should bring samples of plants, make a plan of the terrain, keep a diary of observations of the outside world and one after another. Arriving on the territory, they discover a lot of surprises that wait for them around every corner.

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Actors and their roles

  • Biologist – Natalie Portman. This little girl was remembered by movie lovers in the movie “Leon”, playing a girl who fell in love with an adult man. He successfully works as a film director, screenwriter and producer.
  • The psychologist is Jennifer Jason Lee. Actress, singer, as well as the nominee for Oscar and Golden Globe awards in the nomination Best Actress for Women, for the movie The Ghoulish Eight, directed by Quentin Tarantino.
  • Topographer – Tessa Thompson. The debut of the modern actress took place in 2005, they played in the TV series “Veronica Mars”, and the big movie beckoned the girl a year later – she played Scarlet in the movie “When the Stranger Calls.” Has a prize “For the best acting breakthrough” from Black Reel, which was received after the movie “Songs of Love”.
  • Anthropologist – Gina Rodriguez. The owner of the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in the TV series “The Virgin Jane”. Played Natalie in the movie in 2016 “Notes from Paradise.”
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Interesting Facts

  1. Since 2013, it is known about the decision to remove the trilogy based on Jeff Vandermeer’s novel “Annihilation” from the cycle “Zone X”. Each time the shooting was postponed due to lack of money, but in 2016 the problem went away and the work began to boil.
  2. In 2014, decided on with the director. They became Alex Garland. He is more often involved in writing than in directing. Nevertheless, the films he worked on, good ratings and box office.
  3. Tess Thompson was originally planned to be invited to the role of an anthropologist, but before she was sent a proposal, she herself expressed the desire to go through the tests on the surveyor. Surprised with her acting abilities, she successfully gained the right role.

Annihilation 2: release date

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Annihilation 2not announced

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