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Possessing the ability to stay under water for an unlimited amount of time, Aquaman saved human lives more than once. Many worshiped him as an idol, but no one knew what lay in the soul of an all-powerful man.

When will the movie “Aquaman 2” be released?

The continuation of the story of the sea superhero awaits the viewer in the winter of 2022. Even before the release of the first part, the creators decided to release a trilogy about Aquaman. The gap between the movies will be 2 years. Three movies will fully describe the life of Aquaman before meeting other superheroes and tell about his future fate in the ranks of the defenders of mankind.


From a young age, Arthur Curry had amazing abilities – the guy could easily stay under water, understand the language of the underwater inhabitants and pick up such items that an ordinary person will not even budge. Unusual abilities did not surprise the guy for a long time and soon he was accustomed to them.

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He did not know much about himself. Mother Atlantis and father Thomas, who dedicated his life to work at the lighthouse. He had no other relatives. Dying, the mother opened her secret to him – before the woman was the Queen of Atlantis, but was expelled from her native land.

She promised her son that after a while Arthur would become ruler of the Seven Seas. Left to live with his father, who gave his son a good support, Arthur was able to learn well enough to help people and be able to benefit from abilities.

But the thought of the throne sat in his head and now he needs to know about that life and the inhabitants to which he belongs. Together with curiosity, there are also new enemies who are eager to deal with Aquaman.

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Main cast

Actors and their roles

  • Arthur Curry – Aquaman, ruler of the Seven Seas, has super powers who are ready to use for the sake of saving loved ones, spend a lot of time on the high seas – Jason Momoa. He became famous for his participation in the series “Games of Thrones”, where he got the role of a ruthless ruler. Killed at the end of the first season.
  • Atlanta – the mother of Arthur, the former ruler of Atlantis – Nicole Kidman.
  • Nereus – the current ruler of the underwater kingdom, Dolph Lundgren.
  • Mera – the lover of Aquaman, has similar abilities – Amber Heard.
  • Orm Marius – the ruler of the Seven Seas, the main antagonist is Patrick Wilson.

Interesting Facts

  1. The desire to recreate Aquamanas from comics fans found out already at the end of 2016. In 2017, it became known about the location of the movieing – it was Gold Coast, Australia.
  2. The casting lasted a whole year. The main role was considered by Simon Baker, Matt Damon, but in the end, Momoa’s brutal appearance helped the moviemakers make a choice. Earlier, Nicole Kidman played Dr. Chase Meridian in the movie of the movie-packed DC “Batman Forever”.
  3. Don Michael Burgess agreed to work as an operator. He was invited because of the difficulty of movieing – most of the airtime was underwater, and Burgess has been considered an excellent operator for many years. In 1995, the man received an Oscar for camera work on the movie Forest Gump.
  4. After much debate, it was decided to launch the first part of the movie “Akvaman” after the “Justice League”. If not for this fact, the audience would have seen the premiere much earlier. Recall that the first part will appear on wide screens on December 21, 2018.
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Aquaman 2 release date

NameRelease date
Aquaman 2winter of 2022

Aquaman and Lasso of Truth

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