Aragne no Mushikago 2


Full-length anime movie in 2018 in the genres of horror, horror, drama, mysticism, telling and the misadventures of a student Rin, who was at the wrong time and in the wrong place. The length of the movie is 2 hours.

When will the anime Aragne no Mushikago 2 come out?

The creator of the movie (Saku Sakamoto) said that he really wants to withdraw the continuation, and will again raise funds and look for investors. As of June 2020, the production of the new season of the anime “Aragne no Mushikago” (Aragne: Sign of Vermilion) has not been officially announced.


The 18-year-old timid student Rin migrates to an old residential apartment building on the outskirts of the city. The house itself is built on the site of the factory complex and one of its kind is inspired by inhuman fear, but then strange rumors begin to circulate around the district. The house, according to gossip, has an incredible paranormal activity, which began to appear regularly after the discovery of the corpse of a high school student.

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Once Rin witnessed a strange phenomenon: from the hand of an elderly woman a huge insect broke out! Soon the woman was taken to the hospital. Stunned Rin was left alone with her thoughts, after which the student decided to go to the library. There she encounters a young man, Tokio – a folklorist – and learns that earlier on this territory strange insect-like creatures were constantly seen.Aragne_no_Mushikago_2

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As it turned out, before they were called “spiritual insects”, whose existence is still kept secret. Some local beliefs are associated with these insects. For example, a person from whom an insect is born will die an unnatural death, and therefore many call this phenomenon “the curse of insects.”

Soon the shocked Rin meets a mysterious girl Nasuhu, from which a strange aura comes out, and a guy named Sayon. Since then, strange phenomena and encounters with beetles have been pouring into the Rin hail …

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But why exactly does she face such a manifestation of the paranormal ?! The answer to this question is to be learned by the girl herself … After all, its very existence is fraught with a lot of secrets.


  • Rin is the main character, an 18-year-old student who moved to a residential complex. Quite shy, introvert (voiced by Kana Hanazawa).
  • Nasuha is a mysterious girl who meets Rin. From it emanates a strange suspicious aura (voiced by Ayan Shiramoto).
  • Tokiyo – a researcher of folklore, gives Rin advice on some strange phenomena (voiced by Yosuke Ito).
  • Sayon is a mysterious magician shaman in traditional Japanese clothes (voiced by Fukujuro Kitayano).
  • Mikaya is a young man with a secret (voiced by Shogo Bathory).

Interesting Facts

  1. In fact, an anime movie Cell with insects of Aranyi is occupied by one person (storyboard, script, direction, animation and musical accompaniment), Saku Sakamoto. Before that, he had worked little on anime, but still managed to present 3D effects to the project “Ghost in the Shell”.
  2. Initially, the author outlined the release of the premiere of the full-length movie for 2017, but decided to delay the release because of the desire to promote the movie and the intention to recruit sponsors. By the way, the author asks for the development of anime about 2 million yen, which by the standards of the anime industry and by the standards of Japan itself is just a penny. If the movie is already promised in 2018, it means that Saku Sakamoto managed to collect the money. In addition, the author promised that if the amount is more than the claimed 2 million yen, the movie will be dubbed into English.
  3. Saku Sakamoto works at the well-known animation studio Robot Communications Inc. The work of this studio called “The House of Small Cubes” in 2009 won an Oscar for Best Short Animation.
  4. Kana Hanadzawa, who voices the main character Rin in the anime Cage with the insects of Aranyi, also voiced the following popular characters: Shiina Mayumi (“Gate of Stein”), Sharon Reynworth (“Pandora Hearts”), Kurashita Tsukimi (Princess Jellyfish), Susukikhotaru (“Demon Girl Zakuro”), Akane Tsunemori (Psychopasport), Kamishiro Reese (“Tokyo Gul”), Shiemi Moriyama (“Blue Exorcist”).
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Aragne no Mushikago 2: release date

Anime titleRelease date
Aragne no Mushikago 2not announced

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