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Sterling Archer is not the best specialist in his field. But fate was supportive of the man and now he works for a special intelligence service, which is headed by his mother.

When will the animated series “Archer Season 10” come out?

The continuation of the multi-part cartoon “Archer” will be available for viewing on April, 2019. The picture is known to the audience under three names: “Archer”, “Special Agent Archer” and “Perverse Archer”. Exact numbers with the release date have not yet been announced, but it is already known that the 10th season will be final for Sterling and his colleagues.


Sterling is not able to miss a single skirt, every day on his head are falling new problems, which he has to decide. In addition, he goes to work, where gathered one of the most fun and extraordinary personalities.

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Already all have long become accustomed to the inadequacy of the secretary, who reacts too quickly to the events that are taking place. Lana, Stirling’s ex-girlfriend, often turns out to be his partner, which leads to curious moments right on the job, as neither of them can get used to the idea of ​​parting.

His mother, Melory, is ready to drink all the blood from her son, if only he could take his head and begin to work as it should. Each of the agents of the special service tries to prove to each other that he is the best in his business, and this is not so simple.

To prove their superiority over others, they are ready to use the most dirty methods, down to blackmail and betrayal. This is what makes up the meaning of the cartoon, with each series revealing the characters more and more. They are not the most decent workers, but they believe in their advantages over other colleagues.

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Instead of engaging in official duties, they compete with each other for the title of best agent. Who will eventually win the competition? And can Sterling find her love among the numerous girlfriends?

A shot from the animated series

Actors of scoring

  • Sterling Archer – an employee of the special service, the code name “Duchess”, an egoist and self-love, a real Kazanova – John Benjamin.
  • Lana Kane – the former lover of Sterling, who works with him, carrying out assigned tasks and getting into ridiculous situations – Aisha Tyler.
  • Melory – the mother of Sterling, who tries to get his son to obey in the work, but for several seasons can not achieve any result – Jessica Walter.

Interesting Facts

  1. The first season premiere took place on September 17, 2009 on the FX channel. The duration of one series is 22 minutes.
  2. Already after the release of the eighth season it became known that the animated series was extended to the ninth, and the tenth will be the final one. For 10 years, viewers have been watching the adventures of agents in constant confrontation with each other.
  3. Each character was strictly sketched from the actor who voiced it. “Archer” was the first cartoon with such a chip.
  4. The Sterling pistol is copied from the movie James Bond. So the animators wanted to give the main character a similarity with the famous special agent.
  5. The creator of the animated series is Adam Reed. It belongs to him the cult cartoons “Robot Chicken” and “12 oz. Mouse”, which are intended only for the adult audience. The cartoon is available for viewing only to persons over 16 years old, since it contains a huge amount of foul language and scenes of violence.
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Archer Season 10 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
10x01Series 1April, 2019
10x02Series 2April, 2019
10x03Series 3April, 2019
10x04Series 4April, 2019
10x05Series 5April, 2019
10x06Series 6April, 2019
10x07Series 7April, 2019
10x08Series 8April, 2019
10x09Series 9April, 2019
10x10Series 10April, 2019

Conan & Archer Battle Russian Mobsters – CONAN on TBS

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