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From time immemorial, people are trying to resist the Titans, but all is unsuccessful. Titans have enormous sizes, do not have intelligence and without a bit of pity they eat people. Their strength is unequaled, but in any story there is a man capable of resisting huge creatures – Ehren and Mikasa, brother and sister, are ready to avenge the death of their parent and destroy all the titans.

When will the anime “Attack on TITAN season 4” come out?

Spectators with incredible success perceived the show and are now eagerly discussing every season on social networks.
In July 2019, immediately after the release of the last episode of season 3 of anime, the sequel to the series was announced. Season 4, unfortunately, will be the last. The new episodes are set to premiere on December 7, 2020.


Since the discovery of the giants, about a hundred years have passed, people have built walls through which, they thought, no titan could penetrate. As a result, Mikasa, along with his foster brother Ehren, are witnesses to the destruction of the wall. Trying to survive, the children hide and see how the titan devours their mother.

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Being an impulsive child, Ehren cries that no titan will survive, as he will kill everyone. Mikasa, on the contrary, never shows his emotions, but decides to follow his brother, whose love is boundless.

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In the second season, the situation turns out differently – some giants discover reason and know that they can live among people, taking human shape. The situation becomes twofold – who are the Titans really?

Unsuccessful victims or mad hunters? People create an intelligence corps to learn more about the huge creatures. In the third season it turns out that one of the girls of the reconnaissance squad carries the title of princess, which generates new conflicts between people. The fans hope that in the 4th season the fate of the giants will become known, since this issue has been tormenting them for 3 seasons in a row.

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The actors of scoring / Seiyuu

  • Mikasa Ackerman – the girl that Father Ehrena brought to their house, eventually became a sister for the guy. Mikasa does not like the company and is very kind to his brother. She does not show her emotions, but she can not restrain herself if Ehren is in trouble. She cares more for her brother’s life than any other goal – Yui Ishikawa.
  • Eren Yeager – quick-tempered, impulsive, often tied fights, which can not win. For him constantly intervenes Mikasa, which is more hardy and strong. The guy is well brought up, never leaves a friend in trouble and has an acute sense of justice – Yuki Kaji.
  • Armin Arlette is Ehren’s closest friend. Not endowed with physical strength, but has a good command of mental skills. Modest, that prevents him to notice their own successes. Experiences that friends can find it a freeloader – Marina Inoue.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Fans of the manga note that the series is much more spectacular than the other versions of the picture. Therefore, the preference is given to the series and now they are waiting for the announcement of the release date for season 4.
  2. According to viewers, the most charming character is not the main characters, but their crony friend Armin – even without physical power, he has long had dedicated fans.
  3. Mikasa, the silent sister of Eren, is awarded many awards, as the most interesting heroine of the anime. It is still unknown what is going on in her soul. She very often flashes in the frame, but even this does not save the audience from numerous questions.
  4. For about 3 years, the series “Attack on TITAN” is recognized in Japan as the best anime in recent years. Do not believe me? See for yourself! You will not feel like getting into the picture!

Attack on titan 4 release date

NameRelease date
Attack on titan 4December 7, 2020

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