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Continuation of the legendary sci-fi action movie “Avatar”, 2009 release. The main action takes place on Pandora, where Jake Sully had to first visit the avatar body. There he found his home and his beloved woman Neyriti. Having created a family, the guy did not even suspect that past enemies would be able to catch him off guard.

When will the movie Avatar 2 come out?

The release date for “Avatar 2” is presumably set (unfortunately, this is already the 8th guess of the creators of the picture) – the first open viewing is scheduled for December 2022.
Since the beginning of the filming of the first film, the creators did not hide that the picture will not end on this. Director James Kemeron in an interview with MTV, said that the second part will tell about the life of the heroes from the previous part.


The first film is based on the clash of interests of the people of Navi, who live on the colonized Pandora satellite, and the human nation. The atmosphere of the satellite is poisonous to humans, so scientists have created a hybrid of the human body and navi. This creation is called the avatar.

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After a string of experiments on the body, several people were sent to Pandora to study the flora, fauna and minerals of the mineralium, which can be collected only here. The expedition involved military Jake Sully. In the past, a man lost his leg, but moving into a hybrid – he could walk on his own two.

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The first avatar, caught on his way – Neyriti, negatively tuned to the entire human nation. Jake had to prove for a long time that he did not want to harm. Defending the people from the attacks of people, he stayed in Pandora together with Neyriti.avatar-part-2

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The second part tells about the same heroes. After a while, the couple got a charming trio of kids. But past envious people decided to achieve their goal and continue the extermination of the Navi. In addition, there will be new characters – the inhabitants of the sea reef, the clan of Metcayin. Part of the film will be underwater.

Actors and their roles

  • Jake Sully – Sam Worthington. The Australian, starred in a major cast of an extensive list of films, of which “The Battle of the Titans” in two parts, as well as the penultimate “Terminator.” For the first part of “Avatar,” Sam and Zoe were nominated by the MTV channel as “Best Kiss”
  • Neuriti – Zoe Saldana. Actress of the world scale, has been engaged in acting since 2010. Famous as Gamora from the film “The Guardians of the Galaxy.” In 2010 she won the Teen Choice Awards as the best actress in Avatar.
  • Dr. Grace Ougustin – Sigourney Weaver. Three-time nominee for the Oscar, winner of hundreds of awards. At a young age, she played a key role in the series “Alien”, winning the hearts of fighters and thrillers.
  • Miles Quoritch, the main villain is Stephen Lang. Career began at the Broadway Theater. He played the role of commander-in-chief in the TV series “Terra Nova”, but the brightest work was in the movie “Avatar”
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Interesting facts about Avatar 2

  1. Since 2006, the outputs of the following parts of the Avatar have been postponed. James Cameron explained this by the fact that not yet invented equipment for creating special effects.
  2. In September 2020, the estimated release periods of the following parts were announced: “Avatar 3” – December 2024, “Avatar 4” – December 2026, and part 5 will be shown in 2028. We are wondering how the predictions of the filmmakers will come true?
  3. Cameron tried to save the budget of the first picture. This was the reason that the main role went to the unknown Sam Warrington, who at that time was living in his car and had already twice auditioned for Jake.

Avatar 2 release date

Movie titleRelease date
Avatar 2Dec 18, 2022

AVATAR 2 – Teaser Trailer Concept (2020) “Return to Pandora” Zoe Saldana Movie

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