Back to the Future 4

The first part came out in the distant in 1985 and immediately won the hearts of fans of science fiction. This film has become a real masterpiece and is still considered one of the most popular.

Will the movie Back to the Future 4?

Fans of the cult franchise often wonder whether “Back to the Future 4” will come out.
On this account, a single, clear and unambiguous answer is given: no! Robert Zemeckis in his interviews repeatedly said that he would not allow restarting the franchise or releasing a new part.

Creators are very respectful and reverent towards their own creation and sincerely hope that even after their death, no one will encroach on their offspring.

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Of course, the release of the new part would bring a lot of money, since this film has a huge number of fans around the world.

People one way or another would go to theaters simply out of curiosity and in the hope that they would see something similar to the original trilogy. However, watching “Back to the Future” without Doc and Marty McFly will be simply impossible, and take part in the shooting of actors definitely will not.

Back to the Future 4

What is the movie about

The story of Marty McFly is presented in such a way that it is interesting for both teenagers and the older generation. Here we are talking not only about adventures, but also about his relationship with a strange scientist, who, as you might guess, is slightly out of himself.

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In this film, everything is fine. Robert Zemeckis was able to create a creation that combines excellent soundtracks, great acting and an incredible atmosphere.

Reviews and criticism

Separately, it should be said about special effects. Despite the fact that the film came out a long time ago, it does not look cardboard. Even now, reviewing the trilogy, the viewer does not feel that he is being deceived.

The same goes for tricks. They are performed quite professionally and do not cause a condescending smile at the viewer, as it happens when watching old fighters or fiction.
The plot of the picture has been worked out almost to the smallest detail, with the exception of a few inconsistencies.

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In general, the film is not only entertaining. It makes you think about many things. Observing the actions of Marty, I involuntarily want to try on his role and rethink my own life. This helps to come to some useful conclusions.

It should be said that the true fans of “Back to the Future” are grateful to Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale for the fact that they managed to put a stop to it. Needless to say, almost all the re-launched films, or paintings, to which remakes were made, caused only disappointment, and in some cases, sincere resentment from the ardent fans.

Back to the Future 4 release date

NameSeries titleRelease date
Back to the FuturePart 4Unknown

Top 10 Back To The Future Trilogy Moments

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