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Talks about the extension of the film “Bad Boys for Life” has been conducted since the release of the second part. The audience liked the comedic adventures of two dark-skinned guys. The main roles in the film were played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

The premiere of the third part of the film “Bad Boys 3” is scheduled for release on January 17, 2020. The full title of the film is “Bad Boys for Life”.

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In many respects they determined the popularity of the comedy. From 2006 to 2014, the extension of the franchise was suspended in the air until the studio confirmed that it was going to withdraw the third part.

The idea was liked by many, from fans to the ordinary spectator. A lot of hype arose, but in fact, it turned out that the third part might not turn out the way everyone expects.

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First of all, the problem was basically caste. The actors involved in other films could not confirm their participation in the film.

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A killer couple (Will Smith and Martin Lawrence) will return to the Bad Boys 3
After some time, Lawrence agreed to participate, but Smith does not hurry with the answer. He told reporters that he would not mind playing, but the current shooting schedule does not allow us to find time for this.

But here the fans were lucky, after meeting with Lawrence, Will Smith said unequivocal – and the work began to boil. The studio had to hurry up the writers to fit into Smith’s schedule. The main news of the franchise is the two announced films. Bad Boys 3 – come out in 2018, and the fourth part is scheduled for 2019.

Despite the preservation of the basic composition, the film lost one important component – Michael Bay. The career of this guy started exactly with the “Bad Boys” dilogy. True, it is worth mentioning and mentioning that Bay was listed in the credits of the first film, but he did not actually take part in it.


The plot of the third film will tell. As partners mate Marcus and Mike nab off the drug dealers. They tirelessly catch the businessmen, restoring peace and order in the streets of their native city. The whole action is accompanied by absurd, impulsive and sometimes difficultly explainable actions of the main characters.

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They are real friends, that’s why they hate each other at the same time, and they are ready to give their lives for their partner. Alas, this time the guys will have very tight. Previously, they managed to get out of the most difficult situations, remaining on horseback, but now things are going very badly.

Having started a feud with one of the major drug dealers. Guys make themselves a serious enemy. He turns out to be much smarter than his partners and colleagues, so he repeatedly pushes his partners, forcing them to disgrace themselves before their superiors. The chef decides to temporarily remove the guys, give them a well-deserved rest. But Marcus and Mike are not ready to sit around. This time they are outlawed, guarding justice.

Crime, drama and detective – these are the genres that the film “Bad Boys 3” skillfully intertwines with each other. The film is worth seeing to everyone, except true fans of art house cinema and other snobs.

The Bad Boys 3 (2018)

The task of this film is to amuse the spectator, to give him a few hours of the attraction of laughter and intrigue, drama and shootings, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

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Do you want positive emotions – this is one of the best options.
In general, we expect the continuation of the franchise in 2018 and we hope that the release will not be postponed to a new date, again. I’m with the rest of the moviegoers.

Is it worth going to the cinema?

We expect that the continuation will be as dynamic and funny as the first parts. With a budget of 20 million, the first film in 1995 collected 140 million.

In the list of achievements, you can add the discovery of Will Smith and Michael Bay to the world. These two guys, closely associated with modern cinema began with the “Bad Boys”.

Despite this, the attitude of their UK movie is different. Smith often referred to the picture as one of the favorite in his career. On the other hand, Bale on the contrary, tries not to talk about his participation in this project, although it began with him.

Bad Boys season 3: release date

NumberRelease date
season 3January 17, 2020

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