Bad moms 3

“Bad moms” is one of the best comedies of 2017. A completely new story from the life of Amy, Kiki and Carla – three girlfriends who are just tired of being good wives and mothers.

When will the “Bad moms 3” come out?

The premiere of the continuation of the story about the three friends, unfortunately, is not announced. But the director does not intend to say goodbye to this topic, because the ratings of 2 seasons show that the viewer was pleased with this picture.

According to the director, work was planned on a spin-off series called “Bad Dads”. Unfortunately, this project is suspended in production and its further fate is unknown.

What will be in 3 parts (plot)

Amy still has two children, hard work, besides, she has all the household chores on her, while her husband is not going to take responsibility at all. Kiki is not at all easier – four children, endless work around the house and a complete lack of communication. Carla and her teenage son also have a hard time.

Bad moms 3

In the first film, friends decided that you should not go on about the family and society, because still no one appreciates your efforts, only the requirements are growing.

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And imperfect mummies just went to White Castle. But now Christmas is approaching, a family holiday, and their mummies should come to the main heroines – respectable, successful, ideal … Or is it just a first impression?

Despite the fact that neither the first nor the second film can not boast of an original story, they easily find the way to the hearts of the audience.

And all because everyone faced similar situations. And it was not always possible to solve them with the same humor. And although there will be no special scenario surprises in the second film, it’s interesting to watch it for almost all viewers (of course, adults, since jokes are not meant for children’s ears here).

It is a dynamic and intelligent story of how hard it is to meet social expectations, and at the same time the answer to the age-old question is whether it should be done at all.

Interesting Facts

With a budget of only $ 20 million, the first part of the franchise has collected more than 183 million, becoming one of the most cash comedies of 2016 from the cost-benefit ratio.

Bad moms 3

The ring that actress Mila Kunis wore in the first film, in real life belongs to the girl, and is engagement. The entire filming of the first part of Mila Kunis was experiencing some difficulties, as she was pregnant with the second child, who was safely born after his premiere.

The story took place in Chicago, but most of the scenes and landscapes were filmed in New Orleans. American singer Kesha participated in the filming in one of the roles, but later, for no known reason, these scenes were cut out.

Bad moms 3 release date

NameSeries titleRelease date
Bad momsPart 3not announced

Bad moms 2, premiere November 1, 2017 Trailer

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