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24-serial anime series “Banana Fish” was filmed on the same manga (1984-1994 release) by the author Akim Yoshida. Anime created in the genres of thriller, girlfriend, drama, adventure with the stated age limit R17.
The plot tells the story of the life of the young head of the criminal New York gang …

When will the anime “Banana Fish Season 2” come out?

The second season of the anime is not currently scheduled. According to the creators of the project, all 19 manga volumes released in abbreviated form will be included in a full-fledged 24-series anime. But, as practice shows, if the fans are very actively demanding the continuation, the director can once again get to work.


The leader of the criminal gang Ah Lynx endowed with intelligence and beauty, which makes it a tasty morsel for the highest representatives of the underworld. But Ash isn’t that simple: he makes connections specifically to achieve his goals. He is only interested in one thing: what is a “banana fish” and who chained his brother, Griffin, to a wheelchair after serving in Iraq?

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As the tangle begins to unravel, a guy appears in the life of an incredulous Lynx, with whom Ash can remain himself.

Japanese Agee begins to help Ash find answers to the main questions, but he does not suspect what problems will bring a close acquaintance with the cold-blooded leader of the gang …

Main characters

  • Ash Lynx is a 17 year old boy. Full name – Aslan Jade Cullenriz. The leader of one of the most influential gangs in New York. It is famous for its reckless character, sarcastic and at the same time ruthlessness. However, respected subordinates. Has an attractive appearance and high intelligence.
  • Eiji Okumura – 19-year-old photographer assistant, who arrived in New York with a special task. Friendly, naive, open-minded guy who is not without courage. One of the few people who trust and opens Ash. Because of this, Ash’s enemies consider Agee to be his Achilles heel.
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Interesting Facts

  1. This anime name is a direct reference to the work of the writer DD. Salinger “A Perfect Day for Bananafish”, which covers similar topics of madness and insanity.
  2. The prototype for the appearance of Ash Link became a musician and actor River Jude Phoenix, who died from an overdose of prohibited substances in 1993. The musician was closely friends and collaborated with the group “Red Hot Chili Peppers”.
  3. In 1998, the manga-source “Banana Fish” won first place in the list of “fifty best manga of all time.” The popularity of the work at that time contributed to the sale of a huge circulation of 11 million copies.
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Banana Fish season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1unknown yet
2x02Series 2unknown yet
2x03Series 3unknown yet
2x04Series 4unknown yet
2x05Series 5unknown yet
2x06Series 6unknown yet
2x07Series 7unknown yet
2x08Series 8unknown yet
2x09Series 9unknown yet
2x10Series 10unknown yet

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