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Thanks to his detective instinct and extensive work experience, Julien Baptiste is famous for a huge list of solved cases among police officers. After retirement, when his strength began to slowly leave him, Baptiste decided to take care of the house, for which he had never had enough time before. But suddenly the representative of escort services Natalie disappears. Her desperate uncle starts looking for a girl. But is it possible to do something alone?…

“Baptiste ss 3”: release date, announcement

Despite the fact that even before the release of season 2 of the crime TV show “Baptiste” it was announced that the season would be final, viewers are not ready to say goodbye to their favorite characters. Fans of the TV series are hoping to see a sequel, but the producers, in turn, have not given any comment. The project is officially closed.


Going grocery shopping, helping his daughter, who recently became a mother – a former police officer is immersed in this. His wife Celia sees that retirement has affected her husband for the worse. So when Julien’s former colleague Martha offers to investigate, Celia asks her husband to help. Moreover, at home there is too much noise from him for a small child.

Finding no constructive excuse to stay with his family, Baptiste travels to Amsterdam. Here a young girl Natalie, who works in a local erotic service club, has recently disappeared. Her Uncle Edward is terribly upset. After the death of his brother, he raised the girl, and now she is missing. In search of consolation, he calls his ex-wife, but remains unheard.

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After meeting, Julien and Edward begin to investigate together. And if Edward trusts people too much, then his partner easily sees lies in other people’s eyes. Their searches repeatedly lead them to a dead end, but Baptiste does not intend to retreat. Everyone is silent, although it is clear that they understand the obvious – the girl is most likely no longer alive, and the uncle can not expect that he will see her.

Frame from the TV show

Stumbling upon new evidence, detectives hear different versions of what is happening from the people interviewed. Natalie recently could not overcome drug addiction and began to steal. Accidentally meeting an influential lady, the girl found salvation, but not for long. And a certain Romanian man Drago, whose name she called to Edward before her disappearance, wished her death.

Baptiste feels old. Chasing suspects is very exhausting, memory and hearing fail, and sometimes even vision. But he tries to pull himself together and goes to solve the case without pity for himself. Meanwhile, the Romanian bandits find out that someone is interested in a certain Drago. One of them is involved in the Natalie case, but no one wants to reveal their intentions. While one bandit is watching the actions of Julien, the other one, deciding to get to know the enemy better, tracks down the wife and grandson of Baptiste in the supermarket…

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An interesting plot was given by the scriptwriters back in the first season, and now it remains only to find out how the main character will reveal a new crime.

Actors and their roles

  • Julien Baptiste — worked in the police for many years and retired with satisfaction, but his relatives believe that the city needs him, while the man’s home life is not going well at all; despite his age, Baptiste is ready to take on another crime and successfully complete it, but the Romanian villains turn out to be too cruel — Tchéky Karyo.
  • Edward Stratton — the missing girl’s uncle, who raised her from the age of 14; he and his wife did not manage to have their children, so Natalie for Edward became his own child, for whose fate he is very worried; suffers from panic attacks; assists a detective who arrived at the request of his old friend Martha — Tom Hollander.
  • Celia — wife of Julien; convinced that it is better for him to be in the service; devotes a lot of time to caring for his grandson, goes shopping with him and once stumbles upon Constantin, who is cute and even compliments her; embarrassed, she tries to quickly leave the company of an unfamiliar man and goes home — Anastasia Hille.
  • Natalie — missing girl; earned with her body, addicted to drugs; crossed the path of influential people, which was the reason for her disappearance — Anna Próchniak.
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Interesting Facts

  1. According to rumors, Tchéky Karyo announced after the release of the 1st season that he no longer wants to act in films and TV shows. Project “Baptiste” will be his last, as health goes away too quickly.
  2. The TV show “Baptiste” is a spin-off of the popular British psychological drama “The Missing”, which premiered in 2014. In total, viewers saw 2 seasons of 8 episodes.
  3. Tchéky Karyo is a French actor as well as a musician of Turkish origin. Despite having a rich acting career behind him, Tchéky became famous for his role as Julien Baptiste. An interesting fact is that the actor’s real name is Baruh Djaki Karyo, but the name Djaki was changed to Tchéky due to the peculiarities of the French transliteration.

Baptiste Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1the project is closed
3x02Series 2the project is closed
3x03Series 3the project is closed
3x04Series 4the project is closed
3x05Series 5the project is closed
3x06Series 6the project is closed

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