Battle Through the Heavens Season 4 / Doupo Cangqiong 4


“Battle Through the Heavens” is an adaptation of the popular Chinese manga. Over the course of three years, Xiao Yan fans have gone on dangerous trips with him. The strength of the protagonist is only growing, as is the desire to train and gain new skills. New season – new goal, new enemies…

Genre – Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Adventure.

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The premiere of the season 1 took place on January 7, 2017.
Season 2 premiere – March 3, 2018.
Season 3 premiere – July 21, 2019.
The number of episodes in each season is 12.

When will the anime “Battle Through the Heavens Season 4” come out?

As of January 2021, there is no official announcement that a sequel to the anime “Battle Through the Heavens” is planned. Despite the popularity of the project, the director is in no hurry to get back to work, which upsets fans of the anime series.
Xiao Yan is getting stronger from season to season, but his life is constantly surrounded by enemies who do not want to share his path with him. Who is next?


Season 1

A world based on the elements is a world where there is no magic, only power and science. In total, there are 12 areas of the power of the elements – Dou Qi, from the lowest to the highest ranks. Soon the world will see that unique person who can master the highest Dou Qi.

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Nalan Clan brought gifts to Xiao’s house in order to compensate for the engagement gap. This could not but offend the Xiao Clan. But the compensation in the form of the three spheres promised by Nalan will not be able to help maintain the leadership of the Xiao Clan in the city. Xiao Yan speaks back – he offers Nalan Yanran a divorce and challenges her to a fair fight in the Fighting Arena. In three years…

Frame from anime

Season 2

Xiao Yan took possession of the treasure. Now he went further, into the depths of the mountains, in order to study again. He has become even stronger, more courageous and more confident in himself, and conversations about his strength again go around the world. The reason for his diligent daily training is still the same – an agreement with Nalan Yanran. Together with Master, Xiao Yan lives in the mountains. A hunt has been declared for him, and mercenary do not yet know who they contacted…

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Season 3

Xiao Yan vowed to take possession of the Essence Flame to win the bet. But not only he needs a Essence Flame – other forces are hunting for it. Two months of wandering in the desert of Tagore with the Master have not yet been successful. Now, having fallen into an oasis with statues of Snake Tribe, they meet the dancing Queen Medusa there, whose strength is amazing…

Main characters

  • Xiao Yan – a talented boy, the birth of a child with similar abilities has not been for several generations; over time, the guy lost the respect of people; humiliation and insults on the part of people made Xiao Yan more powerful, turning him into a real man, capable of defending not only himself; for revenge embarks on the path of endless training; by nature he is arrogant, imposing, brave.
  • Nalan Yanran – the heiress of the Nalan Clan; arrives at Xiao’s house in order to terminate the engagement made by the ancestors before her birth; she’s ready to give the Xiao Clan for breaking the engagement, but everything turned out to be much more complicated; quick-tempered and self-confident, strong and courageous in character.
  • Xiao Dai Er – the girl who was always on the side of Xiao Yan, supported and defended him whenever possible; has a power far greater than that of Xiao Yan.

Interesting Facts

  1. Many fans of the series note that “Battle Through the Heavens” differs from other anime in a large number of negative, vile characters. The viewer feels the power of negativity emanating from these images, which makes you feel the plot deeper.
  2. On the basis of the work of the same name, a television series was created, which was broadcast in China from September to October 2018. It consisted of 3 seasons and 45 episodes.
  3. Many anime fans were interested in the fact that Queen Medusa has such a name. Indeed, in the original Chinese language, her name sounds like Mei Du Sha. The creators of the project were not long in coming with an answer. According to them, they have the right to decide for themselves how to call their heroes. The fact is that “Mei Du Sha” is a Chinese transcription of the Greek name, but in Chinese there is no way to pronounce this name in the same way as in Greek. Therefore, they received the name “Mei Du Sha”.
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Battle Through the Heavens Season 4: Release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1not announced
4x02Series 2not announced
4x03Series 3not announced
4x04Series 4not announced
4x05Series 5not announced
4x06Series 6not announced
4x07Series 7not announced
4x08Series 8not announced
4x09Series 9not announced
4x10Series 10not announced

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