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Louise suffers from nightmares, does not want to start a new relationship after a divorce and tries to spend more time with her son. But a chance meeting with a married man becomes fatal for her. Having decided never to meet again, she naively believes that fate will give her such a chance. But everything is much more complicated, including the life of this handsome stranger…

“Behind Her Eyes ss 2”: release date, announcement

The sequel to the psychological thriller “Behind Her Eyes” has not been announced and is unlikely to appear. Netflix has not acquired the rights for Season 2 and has no plans to do it in the near future. The project was originally planned as a limited mini-series.


One day Louise decided to go to a meeting with her friend. When the girl was at the bar, she received an SMS that her friend would not come. Deciding not to waste time, Louise heads to the exit, where she meets a charming man. He is not ready to get acquainted, but since Louise spilled a drink on him, she wants to apologize to him. A light dialogue happens, after which he kisses the girl and leaves.

Louise was impressed. He introduced himself as David and indicated that he was married. The kiss clearly upset him, but Louise did not count on more than one meeting. After sleeping with sad thoughts, she goes to work. On that day, a meeting was planned with the new boss, who turns out to be her yesterday’s acquaintance.

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Both were surprised. David apologized for the kiss and they decided to forget it. But some strange thrust prevented them from being far from each other. Awkward conversations constantly arose, even if both did not want to break the generally accepted rules. After all, David is a busy man, while he did not even have the idea of sleeping with Louise or cheating on his wife.

Frame from the TV show

At this time, his wife Adele tried to get to know neighbors or find friends for herself. A terrible past haunted her everywhere. Adele had to spend a lot of time at home, taking pills and not communicating with other people. David controlled every step of his wife, called at a clearly allotted time. At the same time, he had not loved his wife for a long time and shunned her.

Before moving, Adele was held in a psychiatric clinic, where she met a guy named Rob. They were friends for a long time, but Rob wanted something more from her. Adele was in love with David and counted the moments until he took her home. Many years have passed since then, the spouses had to move to another place where they live now.

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Old events begin to echo in Adele’s memory. She meets Louise on the street and invites her to a cafe. This is how friendly relations are struck between them, and imperceptibly for themselves they become best friends. But how will this turn out for Louise?

Actors and their roles

  • Adele – she was pure and beautiful, but after the death of her parents, who were burnt in a fire, she became strange; could do terrible things; she draws beautifully, including on the walls of her own house, this worries her husband, because he understands that Adele has stopped taking pills; made friends with Louise for selfish purposes and uses her – Eve Hewson.
  • Louise – fell in love with David; adores her son, is afraid of losing him so much that she constantly has nightmares; outwardly it seems like an ordinary, modest girl; divorced several years ago, communicates with her ex-husband only about the child; works in the firm where David was appointed head – Simona Brown.
  • David – Adele’s husband, has not loved her for a long time and with displeasure fulfills his marital duty; they have a lot in common, which does not allow them to disperse; in love with Louise, but tries to hide his feelings; is a good psychotherapist; David is rich and can afford not to work – Tom Bateman.

Interesting Facts

  1. Psychodrama “Behind Her Eyes” has become one of the most popular on Netflix. There are hundreds of mentions of the show in newspapers and magazines, but only positive ones. Although Simona Brown is the main face of the picture, a large share of the audience’s sympathy was received by the half-crazy Eve Hewson, who was able to show several incompatible qualities in one character.
  2. Season 1 was filmed from July to October 2019. Filming locations were located in Scotland and London. Tom Bateman and Eve Hewson live in Britain, but Simona had to leave her family, because her home is in the United States.
  3. Almost all members of the film crew are young actors and do not have a lot of work experience behind them. This did not affect the quality of the show, since the audience still watched all 6 episodes with delight. The TV series was released in mini format, as the footage was only enough for 6 episodes.
  4. After Season 1 was released, there were rumors about its imminent sequel. But Eve Hewson assured that no further action was planned. At least all the actors were informed in advance that the project would only last one season.
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Behind Her Eyes Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced
2x05Series 5not announced
2x06Series 6not announced

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