Belgravia Season 2


Trying to gain the respect of people from the upper world, the seller of military provisions, together with his family, decides to secretly acquire invitations to the dinner party. But only high society understands perfectly who it is. His daughter Sophia is having an affair with a young man from high society, which means that the reputation of the seller’s family leaves much to be desired.

When will the sequel to “Belgravia Season 2” be released?

According to some sources, the continuation of the series “Belgravia” was originally planned by the director. Indeed, the high ratings of season 1 showed that the project turned out to be of high quality and the audience approved it. Recall that the filming process of many projects is “frozen” due to the outbreak of coronavirus. But we hope that in a year, in the spring of 2021, we will again see our beloved heroes.


Sophia was crazy about her lover and even gave him consent to a secret wedding in the local church. Not knowing all the customs, Sophia, out of ignorance, believes that she is getting married. In fact, the count tricked her into marrying her to take possession of her honor. A few days later he gives the girl an invitation to the ball for her family.

Anne, the mother of Sophia, did not approve of this idea, but her father was categorical – everyone goes. They had to urgently prepare for an event that was decisive in their life. Right in the middle of the celebration, all the military were recalled to the battlefield. Among them was Sophia’s father and her lover. While everyone was saying goodbye to each other, Sophia found out about cheating.

It turns out that the man who pretended to be a priest was in fact a friend of the Count and simply did him a favor, disguised as a cassock. Sophia decided not to spoil the last meeting and wanted to talk with her lover after he returned from the battle. But only one of the people dear to her heart returned.

Frame from the series

That was her father. Sorrowful, Sophia confesses to her mother that she is pregnant. Afraid of spoiling her family’s reputation, Anne consults with her husband and they make a difficult decision. Sophia is determined to give birth, which in the end becomes her death. The child was saved, but Anne is too hard to tell people about her daughter’s dishonor.

Instead, she has kept this secret from everyone for several decades… Will she be able to look into the count’s mother’s eyes again and not tell her that she has a grandson? After all, the count was her only child. What other obstacles will Anne encounter? Will she be able to get along with Oliver’s wife and understand her son in his aspirations?

Actors and their roles

  • Anne Trenchard – wife of the grocery seller; gave birth to two children; the eldest daughter, Sophia, died in childbirth, and the youngest son, Oliver, unsuccessfully married Susan, the impartial woman who constantly pays tribute to Anne about her dead daughter – Tamsin Greig.
  • Susan Trenchard – Oliver’s wife; has an unbearable character; she does not let anyone control her and indicate what she should do; this greatly interferes with Oliver in their family life – Alice Eve.
  • Oliver – the son of Anne; spoiled, which he considers guilty of his own parents; wants to live in a house that will be many times better than the home of his parents; indulges his wife, but admits his father that it gives him extra trouble – Richard Goulding.
  • Sophia – the eldest daughter of Anne, her favorite; went for a walk with the count, after which he tricked her into bed, as a result he died in the war, and Sophia found out about her pregnancy; died in childbirth, leaving her son in the world – Emily Reid.

Interesting Facts

  1. In the story, Tamsin Greig plays a more mature lady than which she really is. SStylists constantly dyed her hair, giving more charm as a grandmother than a woman. Tamsin herself was ready for such changes and, without further ado, adopted her aged appearance.
  2. Alice Eve could not make friends with any of the actors. However, like her heroine, who is constantly dissatisfied with life. Before filming season 1, the question even arose of excluding the actress from the script.
  3. All scenes featuring Emily Reid were shot back in 2019. Now the girl is working on other projects, in one of which she got the main role.
  4. The series is historical and produced by two countries – the UK and the USA. As it usually happens, countries have disputes regarding their vision of the events of the series. Fortunately for the audience, all this could be settled.
  5. Richard Goulding for a long time did not agree to the role of Oliver, because he does not consider the acting path as his vocation. He often refuses roles, but here Tamsin Greig, with whom he has long been familiar, influenced his decision. She personally invited Richard to participate in the project and he agreed.

Belgravia Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1spring of 2021
2x02Series 2spring of 2021
2x03Series 3spring of 2021
2x04Series 4spring of 2021
2x05Series 5spring of 2021
2x06Series 6spring of 2021

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