Berserk season 4

Fans of anime look forward to the continuation of the series, which for already three seasons amazes spectators with an exciting plot and produces the most favorable impression on the audience.

The premiere of the anime series “Berserk season 4” was scheduled for the end of 2018. But, the creators of this anime reported that there are some problems in production. Thus, the release date is postponed indefinitely.

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It’s no secret that this anime enjoys a crazy popularity not only in the homeland of the comics, but also beyond its borders, so the news about the release of the next season pleased viewers from all over the world.

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The release of the next season in a serious degree depends on the popularity of the project. The story, told back in the distant 1989, still attracts new and keeps the old fans. Comic was a few times filmed, and now it’s the turn of the series. The director of the picture was a well-known figure Itagaki Shin, who worked on a mass of popular anime projects.


The classic opposition of good and evil does not give the viewer a choice for whom to experience during the series, which will consist of 12 new episodes. The main hero of the film is the warrior Gats, who is distinguished by courage, fearlessness and innate sense of justice. Like any person with high moral principles, he suffers from the cruelty and injustice of the world around him.

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The life of a young man turns around when he meets with Griffith, who has manipulated Gats for a long time to please his interests. However, deception sooner or later opens and now a sneaky friend betrays the main character and kidnaps Kasku, to which Gats feels the most tender feelings.

As a result of cunning manipulations the girl is deprived of sobriety of reason, memory and can not return to her beloved on her own. Gatsu has no choice but to go to her quest, while Griffith is putting into practice his vainglorious ideas. All who dared to oppose the tyranny of the villain, immediately sent to the next world.

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The new season will tell about the further adventures of Gats, who, having found her beloved, experiences righteous anger and decides to continue her difficult path until Griffith suffers a well-deserved punishment. His goal is to save the oppressed people from the power of the villain.

Of course, it’s not so easy to get to the leader, so during the wanderings Gats is forced to confront his henchmen and risk his life more than once for the noble goals that the hero faces.

Berserk season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1not announced
4x02Series 2not announced
4x03Series 3not announced
4x04Series 4not announced
4x05Series 5not announced
4x06Series 6not announced
4x07Series 7not announced
4x08Series 8not announced


Berserk Season 4 Announcement


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  1. B0Y

    today is first of may 2022 :cry:

  2. Natachi

    well… its june 2020 nothing yet……what a shame

  3. BOBS

    where is berserk season 4??

    1. Frank Stanton (author)

      Creators of this anime tells that there is some troubles in producing. So release date is unknown 4 now.
      They hope it will be summer 2018.
      We hope too.

      1. Badr

        Inchae llah

  4. guts

    today is April 6, 2018…

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