Beyond Good & Evil 2 release date


“Beyond Good & Evil 2” should be a continuation of the popular game of the same name, released in the distant 2003.
The fact that the company will develop the second part “Beyond Good & Evil” became known back in 2008, when the creators made a statement at a press conference. And since then, fans are waiting for the game “Beyond Good & Evil 2” to be released.

Release date Beyond Good And Evil 2

However, the official presentation was made only in 2017. Then it was announced that the game is at the final stage of production, and, therefore, you can count on its release in 2019.


Review and story of Beyond Good And Evil 2

Little is known about the plot, but official materials say that this is an adventure game, which is the prehistory of the first part.

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Recall that the last time the events developed in 2435, and the main character was journalist Jade, recruited by some rebel organization. Her job was to secretly shoot an alien plot. In the course of the development of events, Jade got into different situations, and the gamer had to decide every time that where there is good, and where evil.

Of course, the new game goes to a fundamentally different level. There was an opportunity to introduce additional characters, express more emotion in the game process.

And the levels of the game have become more diverse. The developers were inspired by the Miyazaki universe, embodied their own original ideas, drew inspiration in releases of political news and even climate reports.

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So, although initially the game was supposed to develop the story already told, its events suddenly returned to the past for all the fans, long before Jade’s birth, and the main character in the new project will also be different.


It is interesting that in total there were planned three parts. Moreover, the author of the original idea Michel Ansel repeatedly said that he has many new ideas.

But it is not clear yet whether the continuation story will take place, given the pace of development and the company’s unwillingness to finance a risky project.

It remains to rejoice in the release of the second part of the project, although the publisher did not name specific terms in the press release. However, presenting a video with computer graphics of this level, he has already made a serious request.

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And now we will have to try not to deceive the fans of the original game, who have remained attached to it for such a long time.


 Minimum RequirementsPredicted Requirements
CPUCore i5-4460 / FX-8320Core i7-4790 / FX-8370
Graphics CardGeForce GTX 760 / Radeon R7 260X v3GeForce GTX 1080 / Radeon R9 FURY X 4GB
HDD Space40 GB40 GB
Direct X1212

Trailer Beyond Good And Evil 2