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What happens to our mind during sleep? Does he rest or actively work? A difficult question even for a research fellow. The creators of the series “On the other side” have their own assumptions on this score.

The two-hour premiere of the show took place on January 1, 2017 on the American television channel Freeform. And in a couple of weeks the creators of the series announced the continuation of filming, which began in April 2017.

Genre – fiction, drama
Number of seasons – 3
Number of episodes per season – 10

When will the sequel of the series “Beyond Season 3” be released?

On the first day of the premiere of season 2, it became clear that the audience would like the third one. The creators of the series promised not to delay, and had already announced “Beyond Season 3” but for unknown reasons the project was suspended.

Much to the chagrin of fans of the film, on March 29, 2018, Freeform TV channel officially announced the closure of the project. Most likely, the blame for all ratings. Thus, the 2nd season was final.


1 season

Holden Matthews is an ordinary guy, at first glance, 25 years old. But, having lain in a coma for 12 years, he will never become the same for many reasons. Firstly, he is no longer a teenager boy. beyond-posterHe is absolutely an adult man. Secondly, too much time has passed, and the world around has become different. Thirdly, nightmares and day visions begin to torment him, the origin of which can not be explained at all. Fourthly, and this is the strangest thing, he discovers in himself supernatural abilities, which he never possessed. Poor parents did not expect that after so many years they would see their son healthy and full. The awakening of Matthews becomes the main news of his town. New acquaintances suddenly start talking about danger, offering help, while other unknown people start hunting for it …

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2 season

Having discovered the secret of his 12-year sleep, Matthews wants to live a normal life, continuing to tune his personal life, but faces a huge number of new dangers and discoveries. A wave of disappointment in its existence covers the main character, and only close people can help him in this situation. This season, Matthews will not only fight for himself, but also experience new love shocks.

3 season

Adam Nusdorf (executive producer of the series) while keeping secret the plot line of the third season “On the other side.”

Actors and roles

  • Actor Berkeley Duffield plays the young guy Holden Matthews, awakened after years of coma.
  • Actress Dylan Gwyn got the role of Willla Frost, the charming girlfriend of Holden.
  • The younger brother of Holden Luke Matthews is played by a young actor Jonathan Whitesell.
  • Actor Michael McGrady plays Father Holden Tom Matthews.
  • The role of Holden’s mother Diana Matthews went to actress Romy Rosemont.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Actress Dylan Gwyn (the role of Willla Frost) speaks three languages ​​fluently: Swedish, French and English. And also understands the language of the ancestors – Kurdish, tk. her father comes from Turkish Kurdistan.
  2. The creator and executive producer of the series Adam Nusdorf perfectly started his career. He was an assistant to the producers of the famous series “Lost” (English “Lost”).

Beyond season 3 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1closed
3x02Series 2closed
3x03Series 3closed
3x04Series 4closed
3x05Series 5closed
3x06Series 6closed
3x07Series 7closed
3x08Series 8closed
3x09Series 9closed
3x10Series 10closed
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