Beyond the edge 2


To turn the financial scam, Michael decides on a desperate step. This will be the first attempt in history to rob a casino with the participation of superhumans. And what can go wrong here?

When will the movie “Beyond the edge 2” come out?

The second part of the movie “Beyond the edge” has not been announced. Most likely, the film’s low ratings will not allow the director to resume work. Not even the star cast of the film project saved it.


Michael all his conscious life was engaged in machinations and theft. Tired of small earnings, the guy decided to turn around in big. To do this, he collects a team of people, each of whom has individual superpowers.

They all begin to prepare and develop a robbery of the century. The fact is that this unusual team plans to rob one of the most profitable casinos. Applying their paranormal abilities in the course of the case, they hope to get an excellent jackpot and for a long time to provide themselves with finances.

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All heroes with super abilities can communicate with each other in a certain corner of their consciousness. Already in the process of fraud, complications arise and now Michael will have to save the team by going to this islet of consciousness.

Actors and their roles

  • Michael, his whole life is a scam, he adores his occupation – Milos Bikovic.
  • Gordon – Antonio Banderas.
  • Veronica – has the ability to read other people’s thoughts, as well as can pass on his people – Lyubov Aksenova.
  • Eric – can move objects without touching – Aristarchus Venes.
  • Kevin – with eye contact with the victim can make her do whatever she wants – Yuri Chursin.
  • Tony – is considered an electrokinet and is able to control electronics through mental activity – Eugene Stychkin.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The director of the picture was Alexander Boguslavsky. He worked on the films “The Unknown”, “Abigail” – in them he appeared as a screenwriter and director at the same time. Great success enjoyed mini-series “Immersion” and “Survive after”, which were directed by Boguslavsky.
  2. The main scenes in the casino were filmed in the Russian resort zone “Azov-City”, which is located near the Rostov region, on the border with the Krasnodar Territory. Some shots are made in the former Moscow casino “Golden Palase” and in the best hotel of the capital called “Cosmos”.
  3. A real military aircraft IL-76 was used when it came to the film about an underground casino. There everything was equipped, as in a real casino. To the surprise of the crew, the producers were able to equip even a site for hamster races. To make it look realistic, I had to hire a casino consultant to protect me from scammers.
  4. When filming, where Antonio Banderas was walking around the city, periodically had to drive away from him crowds of fans. As a result, the shooting lasted all day, but people did not calm down and continued to interfere with the process. I had to put guard on the perimeter and only then the shots were successful.
  5. The character of Yuri Chursin in the scenario revealed Alzheimer’s disease. Not having any idea about the disease, the actor had to independently study medical manuals to better get used to the role.
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Beyond the edge 2 release date

NameRelease date
Beyond the edge 2not announced

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