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And again, everyone’s favorite series of the 90s is being rebooted! But this time it will be much more interesting, because now we will not talk about screen heroes, but about the real actors who played them at one time! In an attempt to regain their former glory, they decide on a desperate step. But will it be successful if, after years, they still cannot get along with each other?..

When will BH90210 Season 2 be released?

The continuation of the cult series “BH90210” is not officially planned. The creators of the project only checked the interest of the viewer in the continuation of the series.

Unfortunately, the attempt was unsuccessful, so the season 2 will be discussed only if someone wants to sponsor the project. Such a desire was expressed by Shannen Doherty, but the matter never came to negotiations.


After almost 30 years, the main squad of “Beverly Hills, 90210” decides to meet for the sake of a general interview. Each of them has long been living its own life and practically does not see each other. Jennie recently threw her husband’s belongings out of the house, Tori does not make ends meet and hopes that someday her husband will become the breadwinner in the family, but in vain.

Gabrielle has given birth to a child before anyone else and now boasts her grandmother status. At first glance, it seems that everything is fine with her – even the recently born granddaughter of her beloved children was named after her. But after the conference takes place, the viewer understands how hard it is for Gabrielle to hide under the image of an exemplary wife.

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Shannen decided not to attend the conference in person. Everyone knows that several years ago, Doherty underwent a very complicated operation in oncology, so no one required her to participate. But how surprised the rest of the “Beverly Hills” participants were when the conference leader contacted Shannen by video.

The main characters of the series

In the first season, the viewer understands how much the life of each actor has undergone changes. At the same time, everyone sees that the changes did not happen for the better. Unsuccessful marriages, infidelity, divorce proceedings, illnesses, and even non-acceptance of themselves prevent them from living on. Glory faded long ago, but not every one of them can put up with it.

Only Tori is optimistic about life. The number of problems and debts has long exceeded reasonable limits, but she is not discouraged. Looking through the series that changed her life, she realizes that the entire cast needs a reboot! From this moment, the guys begin a new streak in life, because Tori gets down to business!

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Actors and their roles

Each of the actors plays himself.

  • Shannen Doherty – co-starred in the series “Beverly Hills 90210”; 4 years later, she left the project due to disagreements with its creators; is one of the unloved actresses for the remaining actors of the series.
  • Tori – a cheerful woman whose career her father determined; she never boasted of her family ties and tried to achieve everything herself; Tori gave birth to children late and is currently in a financial crisis.
  • Jennie – Tori’s best friend, hot-tempered; literally before going to the conference, she threw her husband’s belongings out of the room into the pool; at the time of the interview, she learned from reporters that her husband filed for divorce.
  • Jason – Jenny’s love interest; married but unhappy in marriage; after the conference he slept with Jenny, but when he arrived home, he could not tell his wife about it, because he found out that she was pregnant.

Interesting Facts

  1. Viewers can have no doubt that the events described in the series actually happened. Tori really lost her temper when she saw her own dress at the conference. The guys really were terribly drunk, and then went home on a private plane, which was booked by one of the actors.
  2. Shannen Doherty agreed to participate in the series at the last moment. At this stage of her life, she is less and less interested in acting. After the experience of oncology, Shannon began to devote more and more time to charity. She tries to lead a closed lifestyle and rarely gives interviews.
  3. The first episode of Season 1 was dedicated to Luke Perry, who played the role of Dylan. He had long had health problems. But in 2019, without surviving a second heart beat, the actor died.
  4. The original series appeared in 1990 and continued to exist until 2000. The first season was unusually unsuccessful. But when Charles Rozin was invited as a screenwriter, the ratings went uphill. From the second season to the very end, the project’s popularity only grew.
  5. Tori’s personal life is really similar to what the audience saw on the TV screen. But in real life, her relationship with her husband is much better. This technique was created in order to attract as many viewers as possible, ready to gossip about the personal lives of their favorite stars.
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BH90210 Season 2: Release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1no information
2x02Series 2no information
2x03Series 3no information
2x04Series 4no information
2x05Series 5no information
2x06Series 6no information
2x07Series 7no information
2x08Series 8no information
2x09Series 9no information
2x10Series 10no information

Top 10 Memorable Beverly Hills, 90210 Moments

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