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American cable-satellite giant HBO decided to give a second wind to his tele-hit “Big Little Lies” based on the same psychological detective Liana Moriarty. The impatience of the spectators was warmed up in March by Reese Witherspoon in his Instagram. The actress, who played in this film Madeleine Mackenzie, announced that she and Liana are collecting new ideas from fans for the continuation of the plot.

Australian writer Moriarty, which the series made famous far beyond its mainland, confirmed to journalists the readiness to write history and develop the characters of the same heroines for the 2nd season. But the director – Canadian Jean-Marc Valle categorically declared to the press that the story with “Big Little Lies” is finished once and for all. And if the crew wants to do something similar in the same company, you need to take on the next bestseller Moriarty. Fortunately, they have accumulated a lot of Liana.

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Finally, in December 2017, the HBO channel threw a statement in the media about the continuation of the series “Big Little Lies”, which is scheduled to be shot in the spring of 2018.
Thus, given the “quickness” of the creators, we can assume the release date of season 2 – June 9, 2019.

Oscar-winning television series

“Big little lie” was released in February 2017, and in September received five Emmy Awards – the equivalent of an Oscar for teleproducts and was voted the best TV show of the year. This was not a surprise, because he was made by Oscar-winning artists Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, and also director JM. Valle (his film “The Dallas Club of Buyers” received 2 Oscars). This telework unthinkably raised the falling ratings of the HBO TV channel, and also collected an overwhelming number of approving reviews on the leading Internet resources and reached a cumulative rating of more than 80% out of 100 possible. Tele-critics and spectators noted a very stylish, beautiful picture of the film, and also the unofficial and far from “soapy”, albeit famously twisted plot of the mini-series created in season 1 in just 7 episodes, deserved approval.

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The main characters and the story of “Big Little Lies”

Both the book and the film are built on the fate of five women from the rich suburb of Los Angeles – Monterey. They were united by first-class children, who became classmates in a prestigious school.

  1. Madeleine (R. Witherspoon) – she is a housewife, a local activist, plays in an amateur theater, is married for the second time and has two daughters. The older Abigail often becomes the cause of Madeline’s disorders, as she closely communicates with her father and sympathizes with her stepmother. From communicating with his new papa’s wife, a teenager has strange ideas, somehow: to advertise in Facebook that he puts up his virginity for auction, and gives money to charity. Madeleine is jealous of her daughter and is very offended by her first wife, Nathon, who left them for Bonnie.
  2. Bonnie (Z. Kravitz) – stepmother Abigail, wife of Nathan (D. Tupper) and mother of their common daughter Skye. A beautiful and peace-loving vegetarian with whom Nathan became an exemplary husband and father. Stirred to charity, successful in marriage and relationships with Abigail.
  3. Jane (S. Woodley) is a white crow in this rich quarter of “exemplary” families. She alone brings up the adorable son of Ziggy, she is not rich and she has problems with aggressiveness: 7 years ago she survived rape and so became pregnant with her son. He is afraid that Ziggy can also have problems in his psyche. Made friends with Madeleine, who took over her “patronage.”
  4. Renata (L. Dern) – unlike the other mother-housewives, she is a careerist. The richest and most successful woman of Monterey, in which her word has weight. She adores daughter Amabella and sets up public opinion against Jane, as she is sure that Ziggy is offended and terrorized in the class by her daughter.
  5. Celeste (N. Kidman) is a sexy beauty and a lawyer who left her career for the sake of two twin sons and their father – macho Parry (A. Scarsgord). Behind the pretentious facade of the happy life of Celeste, envious of all of Monterey, lies the truth about the sadistic husband who regularly beats his wife.
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The first series begins with the murder at a charitable parenting party at the school. The name of the victim remains a mystery to the viewer until the end of the series, the subsequent narrative takes place in the form of an investigation into the police and memories of the participants about the events preceding the tragedy. During all seven episodes of the film, the spectator gradually opens skeletons in the closets of the families of Monterey. It turns out that behind the well-being and American smiles lies a lot of conflicts, intrigues, jealousy, violence and psychological problems.The viewer is lost in the versions: in this rich district, everyone has motives for killing everyone. And only in the last series it turns out that the victim of the party is the main “maniac” Perry, who turns out to be not only the husband of Celeste, but also the rapist of Jane, the father of her son Ziggy.

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Interesting facts about the show

In the role of houses in which the main characters of the film and their families live, Jean-Marc Valle shot the richest mansions from different corners in America: Malibu, Pasadena, Calabasas and actually, Monterey:

  • House Madeleine and Edda – $ 15 million
  • House Bonnie and Neyton – $ 2.6 million
  • The house of Celeste and Perry – $ 6 million
  • The House of Renata and Gordon – $ 13 million
  • The house of “poor” Jane – a bungalow for $ 520 thousand

Script writer David Kelly added the gagging to the fate and character of Madlena. In the film, she not only is jealous of her first husband, but also changes the second with the director from her amateur theater, which the writer Moriarty did not even think of.

What to expect from season 2: timing and plot twists and turns

If the statement of the channel about the beginning of the spring shootings “Big little lies 2 season” is true, then before the summer of 2019 wait for the continuation on the screens is not worth it. Because the first season of an expensive series was filmed a year and a month.

It also can not be discounted that the statement about Season 2 is just a “little lie” and the marketing move of the channel itself, which is preparing an absolutely new serial project for the same star composition of the TV movie. Oscar-winning company Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman have already strengthened by another star – Jennifer Aniston.

Big little lies season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1June 9, 2019
2x02Series 2June 16, 2019
2x03Series 3June 23, 2019
2x04Series 4June 30, 2019
2x05Series 5July 7, 2019
2x06Series 6July 14, 2019
2x07Series 7July 21, 2019

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