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TV series “Billy the Kid” tells about the life of a guy named Billy the Kid. He is smart, survived many tragic events, but is still ready to make the world a better place. As a cowboy and first-class bandit, he lived a colorful and eventful life. But nothing darkened his existence so much as injustice towards civilians. Can he live long enough in this crazy world?..

“Billy the Kid ss 2”: release date, announcement

The sequel to the western “Billy the Kid” was officially announced in January 2023. The exact date of the premiere of the new episodes has not yet been announced, but it is known that the release is scheduled for early 2024.
Recall that the picture “Billy the Kid” is based on real events and repeatedly re-shot over the past century.


As a young boy, Billy traveled to the West with his parents. According to the assurances of the mother, who wishes the family a better life, it is there that they can feel calm. Kathleen persuaded her husband to spend the last of the money on a wagon in which they would leave one way. Patrick was forced to agree, but at the same time he increasingly plunged into a depressed state.

Having lost all their luggage along the way, the family was taken into the house of unfriendly neighbors. Hoping that things would get better soon, Kathleen tried to get a loan for the house, found out about the benefits, took on any job… The woman did everything to feed her family. Patrick was getting worse. The man suffered from the blues, which very soon brought him to the grave.

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Watching loved ones die, Billy became tougher every year. He was more willing to take up arms — already at a young age, Billy skillfully used them. But the guy never wound the trigger if he was not going to shoot — this was taught to him by his respected grandfather, who ferried them to the West in his old wagon. Very early, Billy became a mainstay for his family, which soon experienced another tragedy.

Frame from the TV show

Past events made little Billy look at life from a different angle. He did not allow circumstances to influence him, he was always one step ahead of his rivals and acquired only the necessary acquaintances. Having a reputation as one of the best cowboys, he quickly became recognizable among the residents, and also turned into a desirable target for local police and bounty hunters.

Billy’s life was so bright and eventful that more than 30 times it was an object for film adaptation. The latest TV series, released in April 2022, has become the most popular according to critics and foreign aggregator sites, so it has every chance to return to the screen…

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Actors and their roles

  • Billy the Kid — known under the pseudonym William H. Bonney; a young guy who destroys enemies without difficulty; accurate shooter; fast, strong, attentive, able to think and reason, which helps him to predict the moves of his opponents; attached to his loving mother; makes a living by stealing; reacts sharply to words when someone allows himself to speak badly about him — Tom Blyth.
  • Kathleen — Billy’s mom; actively participates in the life of the son; with all her strength she tries to instill in children a love of life; strives for better conditions; takes care of the family into her own hands after the death of her husband; never gives up, although life constantly throws new surprises at her; was the initiator of a trip to a new place of residence — Eileen O’Higgins.
  • Patrick — Kathleen’s weak-willed husband; loved children in his own way; suffered from endless depression, which caused his death; before the move, he tried to cope with the disease and even came to the doctor, complaining of a terrible blues, but since there were no cures for such diseases at that time, Patrick quickly died — Joey Batey.

Interesting Facts

  1. The most popular TV pictures about Billy the Kid were: “Billy the Kid’s Smoking Guns” (1942), “A Girl Is A Gun” (fr. “Une aventure de Billy le Kid”) (1971), “Dirty Little Billy” (1972), “The Kid from Texas” (1950), “Young Guns” (1988), and the television series “Billy the Kid” starring Val Kilmer.
  2. The project was directed by Otto Bathurst (“Black Mirror“, “Peaky Blinders“, “His Dark Materials“), Rachel Lighterman (“New Amsterdam“, “Condor“, “The Good Doctor“, “Chapelwaite“) and Michael Nankin (“The Good Lord Bird“, “Hell on Wheels”, “Wu Assassins“, “The Exorcist”).
  3. Joey Batey’s small role in season 1 left many viewers with no recollection of his character, which he played in the NETFLIX TV series “The Witcher“. But Batey is the same Jaskier — a bard and Geralt’s best friend, who can only live a fun life and run away from his comrades at the moment of imminent danger.
  4. For Tom Blyth, the role of Billy became a springboard to the big world of cinema. Before the “Billy the Kid” project, the actor received only small roles in a few films. Now, not only fans of the TV show, but also directors who wanted to see the guy in their projects started talking about Tom.
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Billy the Kid Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 12024
2x02Series 22024
2x03Series 32024
2x04Series 42024
2x05Series 52024
2x06Series 62024
2x07Series 72024
2x08Series 82024

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