Black Clover season 2

The creator of the eponymous manga Tabata Yuki and the director of the anime series “Black Clover” announced the beginning of work on the continuation of the picture.

The estimated release date of the season 2, consisting of at least 50 episodes, is scheduled for October 2, 2018.

What will show in Black Clover season 2?

Junior Asta is an orphan. The young man wants to master all the magical techniques, grow, achieve recognition and become the King of Mages, the most powerful spellcaster on the entire planet Earth.

Despite the fact that in the world in which the protagonist of the anime lives, everything is filled with magic and magic, for some reason he practically did not get such power.

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Sometime in the past, with the help of magic, people managed to cope with the demons, but again they were able to break into our world and again kill innocent people. Only the one who skillfully possesses magic, has the will and courage can stop them. This is exactly what Asta wants to be.

The main character’s parents left on the doorstep of an orphanage as an infant. The nannies took him in spite of the fact that they immediately noticed the weakest potential of the boy in the field of magic.

With age, this potential did not improve at all, although Asta was learning magic skills day and night. However, with the nannies, other staff, boys and girls, the hero was quite friendly and open.

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Asta’s best friend, Yuno, by contrast, had a remarkable talent. He was gifted with power beyond measure — wind control magic. It would seem that such different children, but, nevertheless, they were friendly and each learned from the other what he did not have. They are all trying to help and support each other.

The time comes, and the boys turn into 15-year-olds. Being brought up in a shelter, they are waiting for a special gift in the form of a magical grimoire. This is the main gift that increases the magician’s power and magic, but unfortunately he does not get our main character.

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Asta falls into complete despair, however, suddenly his magical gift, which has been silent for many years, breaks through. As a result, the main character of our story gets his greenoir, but not anyhow, but one of the rarest artifacts in the world – in the form of a five-leaf clover.

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