Black-ish season 5


Rainbow and Andre are the lucky owners of a huge and friendly African-American family. They live in peace and harmony until the moment when Andre begins to feel uncomfortable in the white area. Now a calm family life has come to an end.

When will the series “Black-ish season 5” come out?

Continuation of the sitcom “Blackish” will be held on October 16, 2018. Viewers are waiting for 22 exciting series.

Already in May, the show ended season 4, which consisted of 24 series. The audience is attacking the ABC channel with a request for the soon return of the series to TV screens, so the shooting takes place in an emergency.


Andre lives according to the canons of the “American dream” – the man has a good and promising job, beautiful children, beloved wife Rainbow. The family lives in an expensive house built in colonial style, which is located in one of the best areas of the city. It is here that white wealthy people live, so embarrassing the protagonist.

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Andre begins to think about his African-American situation in such a society. The more he plunges into the atmosphere of the upper middle class, the more comical are his attempts to copy the behavior of whites.

Sometimes his actions seem so stupid and stunning that the family becomes ashamed of him. It is worth noting that other members of the family are not so much concerned about their position in society.

Shot from the series

Four seasons Andre tries to win the love and respect of the inhabitants of his district, the man has friends and even enemies. Some people are genuinely puzzled why such a successful man as Andre thinks about his situation, because the times of slavery have already passed and many people no longer see any difference between two people with different skin color. Will the main character be able to realize his mistakes in the fifth season? With what obstacles will he encounter on the way to “white” behavior?

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Actors and their roles

  • Andre is the head of the family, worried because they are the only black family in their neighborhood, trying in every possible way to adopt the habits of white people and trying to prove that there is nothing different from them – Anthony Anderson.
  • Rainbow is the most sensible person in the family, André’s wife, the mother of four children, is impulsive, always ready to support her beloved husband – Tracy Ellis Ross.
  • Zoe – the oldest child in the family – Yara Shahidi.
  • Father Andre – appears in several series, is listed as a guest star – Lawrence Fishburne.

Interesting Facts

  1. Estimates of the pilot episode were very high, it was watched by more than 11 million viewers, which is an excellent result among the comedy series. The premiere was shown right after the telegram “American Family”.
  2. Among the sitcoms TV series “Black-ish” has the best profitability results for 2014-2018. He was repeatedly nominated for various TV awards and was often criticized by critics, who usually ended well. Until now, on various sites, the series holds high ratings.
  3. Lawrence Fishburne is the screenwriter of the series, in credits it appears as a guest star. In 1995, Fishbourne played Othello in the play “Romeo and Juliet”. It was he who became the first black actor to have a similar role. Unfortunately, in those years people negatively treated black actors and Lawrence had to punch their way to the theatrical channel with all their might.
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Black-ish season 5 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1September, 2018
5x02Series 2September, 2018
5x03Series 3September, 2018
5x04Series 4September, 2018
5x05Series 5September, 2018
5x06Series 6September, 2018
5x07Series 7September, 2018
5x08Series 8September, 2018
5x09Series 9September, 2018
5x10Series 10September, 2018

Dre & Bow Struggle with a Long Church Service

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